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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which Game has the better characters, Tales of Berseria or Tales of Xillia (1) ?


Which game has the better characters, Tales of Berseria or Tales of Xillia(1)???

Tales of Berseria 3 60.00%
Tales of Xillia 0 0%
Both have amazing characters!! 2 40.00%
see results 0 0%

I would have time to play Tales of Xillia (1) on PS3 or Tales of Berseria on PS4. Currently we live in the JRPG-paradise and i'm very happy about it. Persona 5 was an incredible experience (legendary), Ni No Kuni 2 was like a beautiful holiday trip. In September I want Dragon Quest XI and in winter Tales of Vesperia Remaster for my PS4. And Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming in january, we need more time ; D But now, i have a little bit time - maybe for my first own Tales of-Game. I've played both with a buddy in the past, but not for long (because other big games have appeared). I dont like the combat system, but I'm interested in the characters (and story of course). Which Tales of-Game has the better characters, Tales of Xillia (1) or Tales of Berseria for you? I'm curious about your thoughts. One game of this two I want to give a chance. PS: i want Tales of Vesperia 100 % end of the year, because I like the features & other things - especially the anime-design, the characters, the story sounds interesting and it has many towns / villages :) But for the current time.. ToX or ToB ?

Tales of Berseria Opening:

Tales of Xillia:

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I haven't played both of them, but I heard that many consider Tales of Berseria to be among the best games of the franchise (especially due to a strong story and character)

Play Tales of Berseria, wait for them to port Tales of Xillia 1+2 to PS4.

Verry hard,but i go with xillia.


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