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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Ys XIII on Switch Outsell PS4 and XBO?


How will Ys XIII perform on Switch?

It will outsell all other versions combined! 2 6.67%
It will be the best-selli... 8 26.67%
It will outsell PC and Xbox, but not PS4. 13 43.33%
It will be the worst-sell... 5 16.67%
How dare you mention thes... 2 6.67%

Simple question, but one that has a couple of angles: will the Switch port of Ys XIII outsell the XBO and PS4 ports?


Arguments for:

- The Switch port is releasing at a less crowded time.

- The franchise has not been on a Nintendo console in some time.

- The Switch dominates Japan, and a this is a portable upgrade from Vita.


Arguments against?

- The game is getting quite old at this point.

- It's a late port even in comparison to the other console versions.

- The PS4 and XBO versions have better visuals.


What do you think? I personally think the game can do quite well on the Switch, and no that Falcom doesn't have unrealistic expectations of the sales of their game. I'm looking forward to it quite a bit, and have been playing a lot of the older games in preparation of release -- I even slipped a bit of Ys III footage into my most recent video:

Let's hear it!

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If you mean Ys VIII, I think not, not at all (it's only on PC and PS4, by the way). It has actually more things against it than those you mention.

It's an old game that releases at full price-60 dollars, despite of the PS4 having a much better presentation, running at rock solid 60FPS, proper for a fast action paced title like Ys VIII; whereas apparently the Switch will run at 30 with several dips (odd). Beyond that, there's also been a controversy regarding the quality of the port. Reviewers have noticed that the translation has plenty of errors, Japanese text mixed in between and overall bad and odd grammar (sorry if mine sucks as well :3). Publisher NIS have already stated they will be releasing a day 1 patch that will solve some of the text issues and other ones (frame rate is not mentioned). However, bad publicity is still bad. Furthermore, the Switch version also lacks Japanese dub.

To all this, add that many, many people don't like NIS's practices, they think the publisher is terrible because how they handle some of their releases.

Regardless, I have it preordered for the Switch, looks really good and only had to spend around 40 dollars.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 


Has there been any word that this is coming out on Xbox??

Thank you for reminding me this is coming out on Switch soon. Something else to help kill the time until Octopath Traveler.

NIS America is doing a fantastic job of not advertising this title and not even coming close to addressing concerns over the quality of the port and localization.

I didn't even realise that it released until after I saw the Nintendo Life review, oops.



I thought they'd released five more games without me knowing for a second there... this is a game I want on PS4 but can't find a copy ANYWHERE which sucks, lol. Not sure how well it'll do in comparison though, but I'd say it won't outsell the original PS4/PC/Vita (Yes it's on Vita too) release.

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But what are the numbers though?

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Was looking to get this before I heard about the issues with localization still being a factor on this version. I will wait untie I see it go on sale.

NoirSon said:
Was looking to get this before I heard about the issues with localization still being a factor on this version. I will wait untie I see it go on sale.

Im waiting for it to go on sale on PS4 for ages, this darn thing never does.

I don't think so, I'd be surprised if it even did half of the PS4 numbers.

If you are talking about PS4 and Vita,I think it will be like other japanese games on Switch:

-Will it outsell the other versions on Japan? No.
-Will it outsell the other versions overseas? Yes.
-Will it sell more overall? Maybe,but probably a little under.

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