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Forums - PC Discussion - Steam Summer Sale Starting Tomorrrow (06/21)?

I did a quick search and didn't see that anyone has posted this.

Get your wallets ready.

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Interesting. My problem with the steam sales is I don't like to buy things that I'm not going to play right away.
And when I am ready to play a game It isn't on sale.

So I typically paint myself into a corner.

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Steam sale isnt what it used to be. I feel like the discounts a few years in the past have been way more agressive then nowadays. And it seems that its always the same games that are discounted.

I've been waiting for this - even though I'm not expecting there to be too many games of interest. I'm mainly looking out for Grim Dawn's expansion, Ashes of Malmouth, especially since the second expansion should be coming out later this year.

he situation is made even worse by Steam's updated wishlists. They were updated earlier this year and while the update made wishlists better in most regards, it completely killed the ability to efficiently search the list using browser's own search functionality (which is much easier to use than Steam's own). Even worse, it practically killed the ability to re-order the list, because if you're looking for that one title and want to raise it higher on the list, you either have to browse through the whole list (which is not an option with my 600-item wishlist) or use search, which incidentally disables re-ordering and hides game positions on the wishlist. The worst part is that I had a userscript that gave me better price filtering than what the update brought. Ugh. What a mess... I'm probably not going to look much beyond the first 100 titles on my list during this sale because of the new wishlist.

RaptorChrist said:

I did a quick search and didn't see that anyone has posted this.

Get your wallets ready.

Haha, I probably won't buy anything XD

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It's 6/23 in Japan.

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Well, it starts the same day that Summer starts, like they do with the Winter Sale.

I don't know if I'm going to buy a lot of things, or anything at all, but the chance to find "that" game you want a lot cheaper than usual is always exciting.

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Seriously, though, Steam sales are no longer that big of a deal to veteran PC gamers.  I'll still check it out, though.