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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Room for Improvement in Nintendo's Switch Marketing Efforts

I agree with almost everything except 4.
Also believe that the FE and Super Paper Mario trailers were great, bit not the Smash presentation.

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I'd go with #3 and #5 overall, but #2 I'd say is also of most importance.

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My only real input is they should save more stuff for e3. Pokemon let's go, smash universe, the world ends with you remake, monster hunter generations ultimate, and fire emblem 3 houses all should have been e3 surprises

With regards to #4, that would have to ultimately be up to Game Freak and the Pokemon Company. They usually control the message of the latest Pokemon games, not Nintendo. So if the Pokemon Company wanted to host a press conference about the latest Pokemon titles before E3, then they would.

labo should have been a simple lego set 

cardboard is just a waste of trees and money and reuseability.

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I agree with Labo but maybe they wanted it to have word of mouth before the holidays so kids ask for it.
DKTF should have been cheaper. Maybe not a 2 in one since i think they will do a collection with the 3rd one.
Pokemon company does its own thing all the time.

We will have probably 2 more directs this year and we will have another big announcement at the VGA.