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Forums - Sony Discussion - TLoU p2 multiplayer confirmed

Multiplayer will be back. I had just been wondering this. The multi was decent fun for the first TLoU, so I’m happy it’ll be back. And it’ll no doubt be a big money maker for ND/Sony.

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As good as the original was, let the platinum road online free, please.

The original has great online. My clan died out though so that discouraged me from playing. Maybe I will get back to it some day.

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Love the multiplayer in TLOU! I’m on it everyday! Can’t wait for this new (and hopefully improved) version of it!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡¡¡


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Look forward to it.

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TLOU MP is an underrated gem, can't wait for the next one!

I hope they don't censor the multiplayer here in EU like they did with the first game AND the remaster... that was dumb! :(

Faelco said:
TLOU MP is an underrated gem, can't wait for the next one!

Yeah, I only played it bc of the platinum trophy, but I thought it was good. I’m not normally a multiplayer guy. 

I'm all for it, just dont make the online trophies as brutal as the first game. My last trophy is running the online campaign a second time (as the firefly) and it is brutally long, even with me scumming and skipping some days by leaving matches as they start (no shame)

Also, the microtransactions for the MP were fucking ass, there was like 3 times more perks and weapons through money than on the base game. At least you would earn them in uncharted 4 through gameplay (even tho it was random lootboxes)

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My only interest was for the story campaign. I had to play the MP in order to plat this saldy lol.