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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many 3rd party titles have you bought for your Switch?


How many 3rd party titles?

1 8 14.81%
2 6 11.11%
3 4 7.41%
4 3 5.56%
5 1 1.85%
6 1 1.85%
7 or more 31 57.41%

When looking at the latest sales charts, and game sales for the Switch, 3rd party seems to be completely shunned. 

This week the highest scoring 3rd party title was in spot 26, and the highest scoring 3rd party title without Mario in the title hit 33. Albeit these games are rather old and not expected to be hitting the top 20 even. But if you look at their life time sales that is where it is evident that these games are ignored. I don't believe digital sales are big on the platform considering the lack of storage you get out of the box.

So I was wondering how many Switch 3rd party titles you guys own (that are unassociated with any Nintendo products). I own 3 3rd party titles right now, and 3 first party games for my Switch. I got Doom, Minecraft, and Rocket League (2 Physical, 1 digital since MC is so small & Physical wasn't available); I also plan to add Wolfenstein 2 since the game is going to be the exact same as Doom, and therefore really good.

This is also an interesting read. More ports will becoming more frequently from Panic Button I am taking from this. (Hopefully Prey, Dishonored, and future titles, I just really like Bethesda titles being on the Switch).

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Zero, I only buy exclusives for the Switch and so far I haven't seen a 3rd party exclusive that I want to buy.

stardew valley. will probably stay that way until southpark is under 30 or when valkyria chronicles remasted launches

Around 14, actually, unless you're not counting digital sales or the Arcade Archives series.

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We already have a thread for this.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

We have a thread for that, as others have mentioned.

It's not that the games get ignored, it's that there are hardly any where anyone would predict 1m+ sales before release.

If we use a football analogy here, Nintendo has superstars, commonly sends their best team on the field, plays an offensive tactic and subsequently sees a lot of serious scoring chances of which many result in goals. Meanwhile, we have smaller third parties who have no superstars (i.e. their IPs have never been big), so the best they can do is hang on and get a surprise success here or there, but it's clear that they won't win any league or any cup. Then there are AAA third party publishers who don't want to field their best team and play an incredibly defensive tactic, simply because they don't play with the attitude to win, but rather the attitude not to lose; unsurprisingly, if you have next to no scoring chances, you can't score many goals. This is very basic stuff.

So if you look at a bestseller chart that is naturally very top-heavy, Nintendo logically has a much stronger presence than third parties because Nintendo puts in a lot more effort. That can't even be argued, because it's so blatantly obvious that Nintendo is the best publisher on Switch by a huge margin.

The OP also puts the cart before the horse. The premise is that third party games get shunned, but what precedes that is that third parties shun the Switch. Third parties have to deliver the goods if they want sales, because gamers have the choice to put their money towards better games. We have yet to see third parties bring big titles to Switch without falling short in areas like time of release, price, marketing, quality, or even making the whole game physical.

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Including Indies, probably close to 10 (Sonic, Skyrim, Puyo Tetris, Bomberman, Binding of Isaac, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Minecraft (in two days) and a few I forgot).

But I disagree with the notion that Switch customers shun 3rd party games: Customers simply look out for high quality titles and there are not many third party games on the system that can compete with Nintendo's games. Whenever a third party title is reasonably good (Puyo Tetris, Bomberman, lots of Indie titles and soon Octopath Traveller) Switch owners buy the game. But while Indie support for the system is great, there is a distinct lack of "big" physical third party games. Thus, no chance for such a title to sell as well as Nintendo's games.

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