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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PUBG has sold 50 million copies across PC and Xbox.

"Today we’ve got a very big announcement: With Xbox and PC sales combined, PUBG has now sold over 50 million units worldwide. With PUBG Mobile included, there are now over 400 million registered PUBG players worldwide. Over 87 million people play PUBG every day across all our platforms."


They announced the 30 million milestone in late december, so it has sold 20 million additional units in the last six months (not including mobile).

The game is also going on sale for the first time since it's release, so the sales are likely to continue:

"To celebrate these new milestones, we’re putting PUBG on sale on Steam from June 19th (later today!) through July 5th. If you want to pick up the game for the first time or gift it to a friend, you’ll be able to grab it for just $19.99 (33.33% off the normal price). "






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Amazing what happens when a game isn't sent to die on the deathbed known as the Windows Store.

Game was at 30 million by the end of 2017. That means that it has sold 20 million in the past 6 months. As a fan of the game I'm glad its continuing to sell extremely well.

Was gonna check out Steamspy to see how much of it was on Steam, but what do I find out? That feature is no longer open unless you back Steamspy on Patreon... Great, the only good source for PC game sales is now gone.

Comparing PUBG and Fortnite player base,
PUBG has 400 million with PC, Xbox, Androod and IOS.
Fortnite has 125 million on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, IOS.

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Good for them.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I'm guessing that this is the main thing keeping the XBox1 alive on the sales charts.

Amazing numbers.

Holy shit! I cannot for the life of me understand why it sells that much, I find it extremely tedious, but that's insanely impressive!

I don't know how much Chinese people like consoles, but damn if they got the Xbox One in China with that game still exclusive it would sell millions, a good bundle or just making it F2P would literally send that country into shock. But then again, I like the Xbox version because of the lack of cheaters so it would be best to stay away from china for right now.