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Forums - Sony Discussion - FuRyu announces Crystar: Then the bad ending.

The latest issue of V-Jump reveals Crystar, a new action RPG for PlayStation 4 from FuRyu featuring former Key scenario writer Naoki Hisaya at the helm of the story. It will launch on October 18 in Japan for 7,980 yen. 

The game’s staff includes:

  • Scenario: Naoki Hisaya
  • Character Design: Riuichi
  • Character Design and Modeling Artist: ntny
  • Background Music: Sakuzyo
  • Theme Song: Nagi Yanagi
  • Opening Animation Production: Shaft
  • Development: Gemdrops

Characters include:

  • Rei Hatada (voiced by Reina Kondou)
  • Mirai Hatada (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi) – Rei’s younger sister.
  • Mephis (voiced by Shiori Izawa)
  • Pheles (voiced by Rika Tachibana)

Here is what we know about the story: Rei, who killed her little sister after being drawn into limbo, throws herself into battle against monsters as an agent of the devil. The girl who made a deal with the devil will reap souls using tears as her weapon.

The afterlife is your battlefield. The goal is to get to the lowest level of the world where the souls of the dead drift about. Shedding tears in this world purifies a soul’s “Danmatsuma,” or last moments. “Shisou,” or mental armor, is created through mental development. By defeating enemies, their Danmatsuma will cling to Rei. Danmatsuma are visual manifestations of Rei’s self-hatred and conflicts, which are the source of her Shisou.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089.


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Opening cinematic was awesome. I miss when Anime looked like that, but uuhh..this is definitely FuRyu's first 3D game. They will get better with time; look at Gust.

looks interesting. And Tokyo Ghoul is coming for PS4 ; D

"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork: