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Forums - General Discussion - Rapper XXXTentacion been shot in florida



 6/18/2018 1:16 PM PDT

XXXTentacion Shot in South Florida and Witnesses Say No Pulse

2:14 PM PT -- Witnesses told cops a Louis Vuitton bag was taken from XXX's vehicle.

1:57 PM PT -- Additional dispatch audio has revealed XXX was transported as a "Level 1" trauma patient ... dispatchers described him as comatose.

1:48 PM PT -- According to dispatch audio -- the incident was a possible drive-by -- dispatchers named several possible getaway vehicles including a black Dodge Journey, Chevy Tahoe and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

1:35 PM PT -- The Broward Co. Fire Dept. tells us XXX has been rushed to a hospital. Witnesses say they heard multiple shots fired. His condition is unknown at this point.

XXXTentacion was shot Monday -- TMZ has learned -- and an eyewitness tells us he appeared lifeless with no


The 20-year-old rapper was shopping for motorcycles in South Florida and, as he was leaving the motorcycle dealer, a gunman ran up to his vehicle and shot him.

XXX was in his share of feuds ... but, as far as we know, there were no ominous fights between him and anyone else.

He's had serious legal trouble ... he's awaiting trial for domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend. He's facing more than a dozen felony charges. Prosecutors accused him of witness tampering.  

XXX was on house arrest but the judge recently let him out so he could tour. 

XXX has had real success ... his last album debuted at #1.


Last year he got jumped by a bunch of guys in L.A., and initially thought Migos was responsible. He later apologized to them, but he told us the incident did not shake him enough to increase his security detail.

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No idea who that is but that's horrible.

This is what people had been warning him and other current new gen of rappers like that 6Nine or whatever he's called about, leave that gang shit behind move away as what happened on stage at that concert should have been a clear enough warning now his life is in serious danger.

He's just been announced dead. Holy shit

He's only 20 years old

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thats what you get for trying to be a gangster and a negative influence.

Not a good way to go feel bad for his mother as she began to try and steer him away from all the problems.

Damn that's horrible. He put out some good music too. 6ix9ine gotta stop beefing wit chief keef or he's next.

MasterThief said:
thats what you get for trying to be a gangster and a negative influence.

Have some respect, the man is dead.


He was a negative man and met a negative end.