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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dragon Ball FighterZ for Switch launches September 27 in Japan, includes Super Butoden

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Switch will launch in Japan on September 27 for 6,800 yen, the latest issue of V-Jump reveals.

Purchase bonuses for the Switch version include a download code for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden, early unlocks for playable characters Goku (SSGSS) and Vegeta (SSGSS), and a Super Rare card for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game.

New in the Switch version is the “Extreme Type” control type, which makes it easy to unleash special moves by using combinations of L + R. For example, L + R + Heavy will unleash a meteor attack. The Switch version also supports one Joy-Con per player share play.

Source: Ryokutya2089, Gematsu


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Oh man. Please release in October or something and not in Sept for the U.S.

my poor September is already packed :(

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This will have to go to the "Once discounted", I'm afraid. I already have too many games to complete, and we still have the Steam Summer Sale to begin.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Should have launched in August,

September is a bit too packed for a port imo

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I've never played a fighting game on the switch. Specially not with that lack of d-pad.

So I'm curious if this new "extreme" version that uses L+R is because of the joycons.
They are basically removing(changing?)(offering another option?) the quarter circle back for L+R. That is pretty weird.

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Subarashii. Can't wait!

Should have been Super Butoden 3 or Hyper but I will still buy it.