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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo New York Store Gets Bomb Threat

According to NintendoLife, this past April the Nintendo World Store in New York got a bomb threat letter over removing kiosks with demos of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Seriously, what the fuck?!

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Edit: oh, I guess it was for Smash 4... weird. You'd think the dude would be pissed off about not being able to play Ultimate anymore.

mZuzek said:

Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Must've been a shitty April Fool's gag. Otherwise we'd hear about an actual bomb being found in the store.

Some people take this stuff too seriously.

I saw the thread title and immediately assumed somebody was really upset about Waluigi not being playable in Smash Ultimate...

Have a nice day...

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Talk about having a short fuse...

If someone threatens to bomb the Nintendo store it cannot be thought as serious.

Hopefully. Probably just mad at E3.

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Damn i thought it might have been about their crappy E3 and demanding more news lol.



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