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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft E3 2018 Is The Highest Watched Livestream Ever on Twitch

"Now, for the second year in a row, Microsoft’s live stream was the highest viewed stream on Twitch.

But Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Briefing wasn’t just the most watched live event of this year’s convention… it was also the highest concurrent viewer count of any stream ever on Twitch, pulling in an impressive 1.7 million viewers at its peak.

  1. Microsoft / Xbox — 1.7 Million viewers (1.1 Million in 2017)
  2. Ubisoft — 1.6 Million viewers (986K in 2017)
  3. Sony / PlayStation — 1.5 Million viewers (926K in 2017)
  4. Bethesda — 964K viewers (233K in 2017)
  5. PC Gaming Show — 893K viewers (552K in 2017)
  6. Nintendo / Switch — 679K viewers (292K in 2017)
  7. EA (Electronic Arts) — 528K viewers (676K in 2017)

Compared to last year’s E3, Microsoft’s briefing saw an impressive increase of 600k concurrent viewers on Twitch – which doubled the 818k viewers they had back in 2016.

Microsoft also took an interesting approach to E3 this year by heavily promoting their own streaming platform, Mixer, over Twitch. Their briefing made sure to never mention the word “Twitch” and they even replaced their usual Xbox setup on the show floor with a Mixer booth. A move which is sure to impact Twitch viewership in the years to come."

That's pretty gppd news cpnsidering that MS was advertising their own service (mixer).

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Love that everyone got a much bigger audience except

KLXVER said:
Love that everyone got a much bigger audience except

I also love this.

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Never thought of watching E3 on Twitch. I usually watch the conferences on the Youtube channel of IGN.

The Xbox show was the best of this year's E3, by a mile. But, this huge viewership is probably more a result of the fact that they were the first of the platform owners to present. Had Sony gone first, it would likely be the other way around.

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I almost always watch E3 stuff on Twitch. In fact, it's pretty much the only thing that I watch on Twitch.

I always watch my streams on Youtube.

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I find it a bit odd that Xbox had the most viewers both this year and last given their standing in the console space. I feel safe in saying PS and Nintendo have a stronger brand/more mindshare, and are unquestionably outpacing them in both console and software sales. Not meant to be a jab. Just highlighting the contrast.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:

Never thought of watching E3 on Twitch. I usually watch the conferences on the Youtube channel of IGN.


Tried twitch for ms this year. My friend and I both had th stream freeze after a sec. Even on refreshing the page.


YT had no problems.

-Impressive Twitch numbers for MS, especially since there were like 100k watching on Mixer as I recall, plus more on Youtube of course

-That increase for Bethesda is huge, nearly 4x the viewership they had last year. Particularly impressive when you consider how late their conference was for Europe

-Ubisoft beat Sony, lol

-Nintendo is low because most people watch the direct on Youtube.

-EA is the only one that saw a decrease over last year, lol.