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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kingdom Hearts and Nintendo leads E3 conversation on social media

E3, the largest gaming conference of the year, kicked off June 12 in Los Angeles with major game brands such as Nintendo and Bethesda making major game announcements. From June 10 to June 12, there were over 4.5 million posts across online channels. Nintendo, Bethesda, and Microsoft led the conversation.

The most discussed game from the conference, so far, is Kingdom Hearts III from Square Enix, followed by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Bethesda’s Fallout ‘76. However, the most positively received games from the conference are Kingdom Hearts III, Halo Infinite, and Jump Force.

Look the graphics below:


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the last of us 2 is oddly missing
as far as I know Sony games have the most views of any console maker by far

Surprised Nintendo is so high. They really only had Smash Bros this year. Then again that's all you really need for a lot of people.

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Yeah where's Last Of Us 2. I heard that game more than I've heard any other game that's on that graph except for Smash. Everyone is talking about Smash. LoU2 wasn't too far off though.

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Nintendo doesn't deserve it though. Microsoft had the best conference by far.

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AlfredoTurkey said:
Nintendo doesn't deserve it though. Microsoft had the best conference by far.

by far. not many exclusives. but more surprises and the studio acquirement is a huge win

What the hell? Do people really think Jump force was that great? Looked passable to me, like the previous jump stars game. I mean it's cool for fans, but i can't see it having the appeal these numbers suggest. I guess it's very meme'able. Not sure we can extrapolate much from these numbers. Like how can Fallout 76 be better received than Resident evil 2, arguably the game of the show? Or DMC5 the long awaited sequel in the main series, when Fallout 76 has alot of flak for not being single player? Very fishy indeed.

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