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Forums - Gaming Discussion - DF analysis: Fortnite on Switch

30fps ceiling. Drops to the 20's depending on location and number of players.

All the major geometry is there. Feels like the entire package. Looks surprisingly good despite the drawbacks.

Docked mode: 900p with dynamic resolution (goes as low as 729p).

Portable: 720p with dynamic resolution (goes as low as 360p (rare)).

Draw distance is cut with lots of grass pop-in.

Poor texture filtering makes it look blurry.

Some noticeable network lag over wifi.


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Of course you'd post this lol

Looks like a solid port.

The game runs terrible on PC, looks like last(-last) gen but requires modern hardware.


Edit: I have gaming PC but I did try an older laptop with a core-i5 (3.3 Ghz 2/4) and an Intel HD 4000 with 16 GB. This laptop can run Skyrim at 900p, most source games like Portal II at 1080p and even MGS V 720p above 30fps. Fortnite has to go to 360p to get a somewhat stable frame rate over 30 fps.

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numberwang said:

The game runs terrible on PC, looks like last(-last) gen but requires modern hardware.

Edit: Actually, watch the video. That's a good example of what I am talking about.

I think people have some sort of nostalgia goggles about how good last gen graphics were. Last gen games often looked flat, bland, pixelated or muddy by today's standards. Especially in an open world game.

Fortnite actually runs well on modest specs, maybe you're confused with PUBG.

The Switch is acceptable for the specs, especially if you actually plan on playing portably. But I would rather play at ~60 fps on other platforms.

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A comparison to Fortnite on notebooks, iPhones, iPads, Nvidia Shield and Android flagships would be more interesting.

Network lag over wifi and thats switch specific?

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Basically conclusion is handheld experience it is great is what I gathered from that video, which is impressive indeed.


That is dreadful

numberwang said:

The game runs terrible on PC, looks like last(-last) gen but requires modern hardware.

Fortnite runs terrible on PC ... ? 

Do you have a single core CPU? xD