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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: 79 Million PS4s Sold

A few other interesting snippets here but it's nice to get official confirmation of the numbers:


The PS5 Exists. 

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That's just the last shipped number for the PS4.

Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million.

When was this data collected by? And I wonder how much more then 79m.

thats not how sony announces numbers, they usually are very detailed when they do, probably just a shipped number.

79 shipped. waiting for the official word from Sony to see the exact number

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wrong thread.

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Those are the same numbers as last time we got ones... the 79m sold and 80m+ MAUs.

These are NOT new numbers, but old ones.

The 79 million shipped was from April. This is not new info. All google turns up is the same April numbers.

It's probably higher considering those are old numbers.

Psone numbers incoming