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I just read that they are adding Space Battles to this game later this year.........

I played a bit of when I got my PS4 at launch and looks cause of the Switch and Space Battles I might actually get hooked on it.......

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HyrulianScrolls said:
KH3 needs to find its way to the Switch sooner than later after it comes out for other consoles if they're smart. KH3 on Switch is an easy goldmine waiting to happen.

So much this. And release the 1.5, 2.5, and 2.8 collections as well. And Sora for Smash. All in one Kingdom Hearts Nintendo Direct. Nintendo and Square Enix would make so much money.

KLAMarine said:
EricFabian said:
Warframe is not AAA

Looks AAA. I wonder if it's good.

It's not AAA, because it's actually good.  One of the best free to plays ever created.

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All these guesses seem pretty amusing with the reveal being warframe.

The more F2P games they add, the more I'm curious how Nintendo's online policy will work.

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IkePoR said:
KLAMarine said:

Looks AAA. I wonder if it's good.

It's not AAA, because it's actually good.  One of the best free to plays ever created.

Cool, I'll give it a shot then.

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Hadn't heard of this game before, was kinda expecting something else, like maybe Overwatch, but after looking into it apparently this is fairly popular so I suppose I'm just outta touch with this sort of thing.

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Warframe looks cool, i'll give it a shot when it drops.

Yay more Free2plays!

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curl-6 said:

Yeah not gonna lie, bit of a letdown considering their first 3 Switch games. Was hoping it would be something more, well, major. I hadn't even heard of this game before. Oh well.

Warframe is pretty major these days.  But it was a slow burn, not a big splash.  It's apparently really polished and stuffed with content these days.  I'll probably give it a look since it is free to play and apparently very good about it.

Lol even Nintendo posting videos