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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Most Wanted Music Tracks in Smash Ultimate?

When it comes to Smash, the one thing I always anticipate the most besides the characters is the music selection.

With so many Nintendo characters, both iconic and niche, as well as third party characters, Smash is pretty much the definitive celebration of gaming, and the music selection is what brings some of the best tunes into one game.

Here are some tracks that I would love to hear in Smash:

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I was disappointed that this theme didn't appear at all in the final game, and while I don't expect this exact version to be in Smash, a rendition or remix of some kind of the second half of this beautiful theme would be an absolute dream.

Diggernaut - Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus Returns was a real treat, especially considering it was the first 2D Metroid game in an extremely long time (sure it's technically a remake of Return of Samus, but considering how much they changed and added, it might as well be a new game). The boss fight with the giant Diggernaut was easily one of the highlights of that game, and the frantic nature of this theme would be great in 1v1 matches. 

Surprise Attack (Star Wolf Theme) - Star Fox 2

Wolf is back, and with the release of the SNES Classic making the official release of Star Fox 2, it would be a golden opportunity to remix this theme into Smash.

Zanza - Xenoblade Chronicles

Normally, I wouldn't be certain of this theme because of spoilers, but considering Fiora is now in Shulk's final smash, they might as well go all out.

Spicy Calamari Inkantation - Splatoon 2

Considering how beloved the Squid Sisters are, I think the original version is a safe bet for Smash, but the Splatoon 2 version is 100 times better, and it would be a shame if it doesn't get some love along with the original.

Fist Bump - Sonic Forces

Yes, I unironically love this song, sue me.

Fuse Man - Mega Man 11

This is just a recreation as we don't have the full theme, but this theme is basically associated with the debut of Mega Man 11, the return of the classic blue bomber after 8 years, so that alone gives this the theme strong criteria to be in Smash.

Ryu's Theme - Street Fighter V

Not too crazy about SFV myself, but this is easily the best rendition of Ryu's theme, even beats out the remix in Smash 4 in my opinion.

J-E-N-O-V-A - Final Fantasy VII

The soundtrack of FFVII is one thing I adore, even if I'm not a huge fan of the game itself (I still need to beat it one day, lol) and the fact there were only two tracks in Smash 4 was pretty disappointing. Hopefully Square Enix isn't being stingy this time around, and allows more iconic FF themes into Smash.

Last Surprise - Persona 5


Those are my personal choices, but what about you?

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3 songs I want them to put in Smash :

Actually, they better put all Xeno 2 Battle/Boss themes in the game :P

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Tagging, not because I need to because I know about the subscribe feature, but because I need to put this here:

This song is bliss, it's perfection, and I have barely stopped listening to it for a second since yesterday.

And yeah, to be honest the songs I look forward to most in Smash are always the main themes. These are really special in my eyes. I don't really create expectations for everything else, mostly because remixes can usually be disappointing (that BotW Main Theme remix is dreadful), but I'll make a list when I come back home later tonight.

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Oh boi...

Kirby. While I appreciate the themes we have already, it really lacks a lot from recent games, amazing themes like CROWNED, Moonstruck Blossom, Royal Road, Another Dimension were nowhere to be seen in Smash 4. So just some from each recent game. Doesn't really have to be remixes, the original tracks are good enough.


Metroid. More variety. Diggernaut would be great. My big request of course is:

Star Fox. Like, can we stop with the SNES Corneria, Area 6 and Star Wolf remixes? quite tired of them at this point, hopefully some Star Fox 2 themes since they have pretty distinct music styles from the rest.


Xenoblade Chronicles X. Fear they are going to skip over this game in favour of 2 music and they are probably going to pick the songs that are too similar to 1's to make it more redundant, if not, hopefully they add a few from X.


Style Savvy. Since we got a Trendsetter remix in 4, would like to see a couple of more from the most recent game, Styling Star, I feel a battle remix for Girls be Ambitious and Maria could work well.


ARMS. If we don't get a rep or a stage, at least use music in the boxing ring from Punch-Out!


And some more indiviual tracks I would like to see.


And some dream stuff, like Tales of tracks.


And I could go on and on.




Alright, I'm back... um, I have been for a while now. Anyways, I still can't stop listening to the Ultimate theme, but let's get started here (in order of priority - the first songs in each list are the ones I want most). Of course, I'm not listing any songs that have either been in previous Smash games, or songs that have already been confirmed in Ultimate (such as BotW Main Theme or likely Jump Up Super Star).

As most would know, I'm not the biggest Mario fan ever, so I don't have much to suggest. I love Odyssey though, so:

Yeah, Breath of the Wild happened. A few songs I'd want from older games too, though:

Not much since I'm having a rough time with this series, but there's a few key songs that are way too awesome:
(I didn't plan on listing remixes here even if I wanted the ones in Smash to be remixes in some cases, but I wanted to make it obvious I want a great remix of GSC's beautiful Surfing theme, and the one I posted sure is that. It deserves the attention.)

Oh boy, this franchise has some serious stuff missing from Smash. Let's go:
(Samus Returns really nailed the remixes, didn't it?)

Tropical Freeze has one of the best soundtracks ever but it nearly inexists in Smash 4. Fix it, Sakurai.
(My Smash 4 mod had Windmill Hills on Town and City and Flight of the Zinger on Final Destination, it was unbelievable how well they fit. Of course, they wouldn't be in those stages in the proper game, but still.)

Well there's only two Splatoon songs confirmed in the game as far as I remember, so I have to go nuts here. Where to begin...
(Huh, I just listed these in track listing order, I guess I want them all equally. Except Blitz It of course, that one's the best, I need it.)

Star Fox Zero, in spite of what it was, had some great character designs, which thankfully got in. You know what else was great? The music.
(and honorable mention to Meteo, I'd put it here if it fit also god damn Zoness is so awesome!)

I don't know how they did it, but somehow they did. Sonic is no longer cancer!!!! So let's celebrate with some awesome music:
(Seriously, where the hell has Chemical Plant Zone been all this time?)

I do consider myself a dreamer, so, Konami... please? (Chronological order here again, I want it all)
(Well, there have been rumours about Simon, and with Snake and Bomberman being in, this really feels possible at the moment. Fingers crossed!)

I guess I could have listed some Okami music as wet dreams too, but that's never gonna happen so it'd be pointless... also holy shit, this turned into quite some post! I think I spent well over an hour on it.   o.O

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