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Miyamotoo said:
curl-6 said:

Mario Party won't push a significant number of new buyers. It does not expand the Switch's appeal in any meaningful way cos it already has party games like Mario Kart 8 and 1-2 Switch.

It want in significant numbers like Pokemon or Smash will, but definitely will push some Switch units during holiday season. Super Mario Party will definitely be far more popular and appealing compared to 1-2 Switch, its much stronger IP and it looks it will be quite good for Mario Party game and better game than 1-2 Switch in any case.

Oh it's definitely going to better than 1-2 Switch. Lemon juice on a paper cut is better than 1-2 Switch. Getting herpes from a toilet seat is better than 1-2 Switch.

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Easily. One word, Pokemon. Whether it's a core game or not, undoubtedly, it will push a lot of units. And let's not forget that Switch has more first party games coming out in next few months, than MS and Sony combined. I know that in terms of hype, Nintendo's E3 presentation was a bummer, but everything they showed is actually coming out before end of this FY. Anyways, the sales are up by around 13% in this FY quarter, compared to last year's, so even without any considerable bump they should reach 15M, but like I said, it's Pokemon we're talking about. It will be higher than that.

it comes down to how they draw the smash crowd. if they havent already bought a switch.


Absolutely not. Earlier this year when I think it was the gamestop ceo said Nintendo is gonna have huge stuff coming out in 2018 I was like alright we're gonna get some major game announcements at E3....and....nothing.

Sure it seems like third party support is slowly picking up, and the surprise sudden release of Fortnite was cool, but all I see from Nintendo other than Smash is a non-mainline Pokemon, Mario Party, and they even moved Yoshi to next year. I was expecting Animal Crossing and at least one more major game from Nintendo, outside of Smash and Yoshi which is gone. I'm sure Pokemon Go will sell a bunch but it's not gonna move millions of systems.

E3 confirms that Nintendo doesn't have much for this whole year, as one huge game coming out in December can't make a whole year. I think Switch will probably sell 14 or 15 million. And 2019 better be huge, I'm thinking mainline Pokemon, Metroid, Yoshi, 2D Mario, Animal Crossing, Dragon Quest, more third party support and probably a couple other medium sized Nintendo franchises as well like a Star Fox and Bayonetta 3 or something..

The only problem for Nintendo this year is that they failed to provide what their fanbase is seeking... quality waifu and husbando.

Ridley and Daisy are not going to cut it (although Daisy Ridley herself is nice) and we barely saw any in the FE trailer. That is probably the biggest reason for the lack of confidence the thirsty must be appeased.

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I would say yes - mostly due to Pokemon.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Smash and Pokemon..... 20 million for sure.

34 years playing games.


curl-6 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Yes but in that time there were huge stock problems for Switch and Switch could sell more last year in that time period, that why Nintendo shiped 2m units last year for that time period, while in January-March period of this year shipped almost 3m, so in this years April-June period Nintendo will easily ship at least 2.5m and probably around 3m (so higher than in same time period of last year). So beacuse stock problems of alst year, Switch can easily and probably will have stronger sales for April-September period compared to last year, and offourse October-December period of this year will definatly be stronger with Pokemon+Smash+Mario Party than it was last year.

Except last year Switch had system selling software in July and October, while this year it has nothing with system selling power until November.

I think you might get surprised by some of the games here, especially Octopath Traveller and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Also, ports matter for the Switch. I know a couple guys who rebought some games on the Switch simply because you can play them on the go and everywhere you are

Nope, it will sell around 16 million IMO.

curl-6 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Again, despite it had system seller software game in July, Switch had stock issues, so didnt had max effect, Switch last year in July-September period sold similar (around 3m) like it did January-March period of this year, and thats despite Switch had very weak lineup in January-March period while in July-September of last year had system seller game and stronger lineup. Talking about October, one month dont change relly nothing, yeah Switch had huge game last October, but this huge games in November and December (Smash Bros will definatly effect on sale in January too) and actualy mid tier game in October with Super Mario Party (its perfect holiday game), Pokemon+Smash+Mario Party means much stronger Q4 that it was last year. No to mentione that Switch this year can have bundles with one game for same price point, some other deals or even price cut.

Mario Party is not a system seller. It doesn't push large numbers of new consumers to buy a Switch, because it appeals to the same audience the Switch already caters to.

By that logic, God of War wouldn't have pushed sales one bit. Or Bloodborne, since there was a Dark Souls already. Or any annual sports title Or Far Cry 5. Or CoD or Battlefield. But everytime one of those games get released sales jump up. Why? Because audiences overlap and aren't necessary the same as one could think at first glance.

Mario Party will push sales much more than you think it will.