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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So... Will Nintendo be able to ship those 20 million Switch units?

After E3 and the "announced" games, what do you think?
Personally i think it's almost impossible for them to achieve it.

PS: Also this is my first thread  :)

UPDATE: 15 Million needed in quarter 3 + 4 to make it.

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It's not impossible by any means... I honestly think Pokémon and Smash will be more than enough to get those 20 million units.


Smash and Pokemon will likely get that done.

Yes, they will. Switch has momentum and despite a somewhat disappointing E3 i have no doubt with the help of Pokemon and Smash it will sell 20 million

Sales wise it is possible.

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20 million Switch units is still possible.

100 million software units is far, far, far out of reach.

I'm gonna say they're gonna come up short

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It is definitely possible, especially if we get into pricecuts, new SKUs, smash bros etc.

I can see it happen but it will be very, very, very close though.

Maybe not but worst case it'll be quite close. Can't see it doing any less than 18m.

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