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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Panic Button very in demand for extremely high-profile Switch projects

“Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device for us, and we have expertise that very few studios have. So there’s a lot that makes sense for us to do, and we’re very in demand for extremely high-profile projects. But we’re also known for our high-end development work, our 4K work things like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro—we did the 4K update for Rocket League, for example—so there are things there that people are very excited about us doing. So you’ll be seeing us doing a lot of contract work on multiple platforms, but also some new original properties… sometime.”


I am very curious to see what next high profile Panic Button Switch game will be.

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I imagine they working on ports of Wolfenstein Young Blood and Doom Eternal.

animegaming said:
I imagine they working on ports of Wolfenstein Young Blood and Doom Eternal.

Yeah, but in last interview they said they overwhelmed buy Switch ports offers that they are forced to choose on witch project they will work, so I dont think we talking only about possibilities like Wolfenstein Young Blood and Doom Eternal.

I really hope they can port Doom Eternal so that it is released along side the other consoles or not too long after.

Thats great to hear.Honestly Panic Button, now is the time to expand, so you can tackle more things at once and earn more money!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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They literally have a future for this as it will only get more and more in demand.

Please let one of them be Doom: Eternal or GTAV.

Watching REmake 2 I reckon they could port that.

Watch panic button expand through some deal with Nintendo and exist mainly for porting high profile games to Switch lol.

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They did a great job on Doom 2016 so looking forward to what they work on next.