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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sources: AMD Has Created Navi FOR Sony’s PlayStation 5.


No, Sony didn't counter Microsoft with a brief announcement of the PlayStation 5 at its annual E3 event, but some fascinating details have emerged about the PS5, its graphics solution and just how involved in the process AMD was this time around. This isn't just a story for eager console gamers, either. It's part of a larger narrative about AMD's identity and its semi-custom chip business.

Speaking to industry sources this week under conditions of anonymity, I've learned that the PS5 will use both AMD's Zen and Navi graphics architectures. What isn't clear is whether the PS5 will incorporate a beefy SoC (system on a chip) or use separate Ryzen and Navi-based components.

Right now little is known about AMD's Navi graphics architecture, other than the fact it will use the 7nm process. That detail, however, is important. As it has done numerous times with its semi-custom clients, AMD has a solid history of developing integrated and discrete GPUs with low power envelopes perfect for a console.

Which brings us to, in my eyes, the more interesting revelation. According to my sources, Navi isn't just inside the Sony PS5; it was created for Sony. The vast majority of AMD and Sony's Navi collaboration took place while Raja Koduri -- Radeon Technologies Group boss and chief architect -- was at AMD.

The other interesting aspect to all of this is that my sources never mentioned Microsoft in the Navi conversations. This is pure speculation, but maybe Microsoft's next Xbox devices -- code-named "Scarlett" -- won't use Navi at all. Perhaps it will use a separate semi-custom solution incorporating Vega, or something else entirely that we're not privy to. Either way, the conversations I had referred to Navi in the past tense, as if it was already finished.

Perhaps Sony is closer to a PS5 than Microsoft is to a next-generation Xbox?

I've reached out to AMD and Sony for any further comments or clarification.

Edit: Added second article that has more rumors and “info”.


In 2016, AMD unveiled its first roadmap that officially contained the Navi GPU. It was scheduled to come soon after 7nm Vega and was supposed to be the next-generation GPU and land sometime in 2018. AMD held its Computex 2018 recently, to great success, but the one thing that bugged me was the lack of any new graphics cards for gamers.

Navi was also implicitly pushed back, a year at the very least, and the roadmap changed to something more tentative. While in Taiwan for Computex 2018, I had the opportunity to talk to sources intimately familiar with the entire situation and discovered there was a very interesting story to be told – one which made everything fit in place perfectly.

AMD built Vega for Apple and it is building Navi for the Sony PS5 – which is expected to launch in 2020

The reason why Lisa did that was simple: semi-custom applications is a lucrative business. The margins are low, but the volume is high and the net income is consistent. Catering to gamers was not part of the win-condition; making AMD a viable, financially robust company was. Here is a fun fact: Vega was designed primarily for Apple and Navi is being designed for Sony – the PS5 to be precise.

This meant that the graphics department had to be tied directly to the roadmap that these semi-custom applications followed. Since Sony needed the Navi GPU to be ready by the time the PS5 would launch (expectedly around 2020) that is the deadline they needed to work on. Similarly, for Vega, Apple’s timeline is what actually dictated the release of the GPU and not the other way around. AMD’s Radeon graphics cards were intricately tied to the industry’s semi-custom roadmaps by design and that is something that a lot of people disagreed with. This is also what, I suspect, precipitated the departure of key executives including the RTG boss, Raja Koduri.

Here is the crux of what I learned:

  • Vega 7nm will not be coming to gamers.
  • Navi 10 will be the first Navi part to arrive and will be landing sometime in 2H 2019 or early 2020, depending on a couple of factors. The performance level of this part will be equivalent to Vega and it will be a small GPU based on 7nm.
  • Navi 14 will follow Navi 10 soon after.
  • Navi 20 is going to be the true high-end GPU built on the 7nm node and as things stand right now, you are tentatively looking at it landing sometime around 2020 – 2021.
  • Navi will also be the first architecture to transition away from GCN (and along with it, the 4096 SP / 64 CU limit that is inherent to the uArch implementation).
  • ‘Next-Gen’ architecture is the uArch formerly codenamed KUMA internally before AMD decided it didn’t like that name too much (oops) and will be based on the same brand new major architecture that AMD rolls out with Navi.
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So, following this "hypothesis" what are we looking at ?

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I never thought i would see the day where navi would be on a sony console..
Hello, hello, hello, listen, listen...

Maybe we just "saw " PS5 in action. I mean, The Last of Us 2 looked unbelievably above anything else in the conference. And no, not even Ghost of Tsushima comes close (but to the fair that's an open world game). Maybe they showed PS5's version, I don't know, it doesn't even has a release date yet. Either way, I'm totally impressed.

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So basically the PS5 is gonna nag you and hold your hand excessively during every single game?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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ok so in terms of power, how much better than PS4 pro lol



Interesting, i know nothing about Navi, curious to read the leap in tech

Azzanation said:
Interesting, i know nothing about Navi, curious to read the leap in tech.

Same here. Everyone on era has been talking about great things being possible once we got 7nm. Now that 7nm is apparently being produced, ps5 by others comments, should demonstrate quite the leap in graphics processing. 

Hopefully next year’s GDC will have more info on the tech and progress of it. It’s getting exciting now. 

LipeJJ said:
Maybe we just "saw " PS5 in action. I mean, The Last of Us 2 looked unbelievably above anything else in the conference. And no, not even Ghost of Tsushima comes close (but to the fair that's an open world game). Maybe they showed PS5's version, I don't know, it doesn't even has a release date yet. Either way, I'm totally impressed.

I was wondering at first, as I didn't see any "Captured on PS4 Pro" or such lingo, but at the TLOUPII panel, they used the phrasing. I think this is just a matter of seeing Naughty Dog's first fully optimized PS4/PS4 Pro title, as Uncharted still had a lot of stuff left over from PS3. They said that this game was being built on the next evolution of the Naughty Dog Engine, back when they orginally showed it off.


If this is true, then it is possible we could see PS5 as soon as next year. I hope they end up going with seperate CPU and GPU instead of an SOC if that is the case. I still want PS5 to be a worth while leap over PS4, and not just another PS4 Pro. 

Things are about to start getting real fun. We are on the cusp of a new gen, and the leaks are going to start to roll out more and more. I think I might actually enjoy the tech more than the games sometimes.

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With all these news of next gen..... 2020 is becoming more likely

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