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Forums - Gaming Discussion - We Happy Few is still releasing on PS4!

So when Microsoft announced the studios they'd bought, among them was Compulsion Games, who if you're not aware, are the developers of We Happy Few (Their first game was Contrast, anyone remember that? I quite enjoyed it)... anyways, after that, a lot of people including myself were left wondering what would happen with this game, since it had been announced for PS4 beforehand, and was originally due to release earlier this year anyway, but with them now being Microsoft first party... yeah.

Thankfully I bring good news; We Happy Few is still releasing on PS4, and I have an article to prove it! There's also a release date now of August 10th.

Is anyone else looking forward to We Happy Few? Personally I think it looks great, I love the style and it sounds interesting too, I'll admit I'm not the biggest BioShock fan, which this is being compared to, but I don't know, there's something about it I really like, and I'm happy I'll be able to play it on PS4 now... although to be honest I would've just got it on PC anyway, despite PS4 being my preference.

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I assumed it would. Gearbox is publishing the game, so I assumed that MS would have to honor the original contract between Compulsion and Gearbox as the new owners of Compulsion.