Forums - Website Topics - Is there any way to make it so we can use the quick reply features on quotes, replies, and new topics?

I hate to be a pain, but the html is outright broken on the rich text reply.  Whenever I try to make a list, it messes up the formatting and I literally spend half an hour playing with the html just to get it right.  I ran into the problem again a few minutes ago, and just gave up and posted a post with an ugly format instead of taking the time to fix.  And let's not even get started on trying to quote someone piecemeal.

The quick reply mostly works fine though.  It doesn't have the automatic double space, which I prefer to work with anyway.  A dirty list only using numbers or a hyphen is fine when it's single spaced, and for the most part, quick reply posts pretty much the way it looks like.

Furthermore, allowing the tag [quote] would be nice as well.