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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else worried about Red Dead Redemption 2?

I know Rockstar deserves all credit and confidence for their previous, but I'm getting worried about RDR 2.

We are only four months away from the release date, but we haven't seen seen actual gameplay of the game so far.  Until now, three trailers were released (including the announcement one back in 2016) but none of them features gameplay.   That's a bit worrying for me.  

Also, the way the game is being advertised is a complete departure from Rockstar previous games.  In the months near lauch date, Rockstar often made available videos explaining their games and their features.   

Any research on youtube makes my worries valid.  All we have to do is search for RDR, LA Noire, Max Payne and GTAV to notice the differences in advertisement.  It seems like Rock isn't confident so confident in the game.

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About the quality of the game? No I'm not worried. About another delay? This is Rockstar so of course I'm worried lol

No worried, it Will be great dont stress


yeah I too miss their creepy serial killer voice narrating their next murder simulator for me.

I think it is hubris. They know we are going to buy the game regardless so they don't have to spend to much money marketing. That's at least what i think.

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I'm worried about it due to the direction Take-Two has taken GTA V with it's slimy publishing tentacles. As for the core gameplay and how it looks, not so much. Interesting thought though.

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I know rockstar doesn't attend E3 but I expected something to show at Sony conference. Even if it was only a new trailer.

I am not worried about quality, as Rockstar has earned my trust in this respect. I am very worried about a delay, as Rockstar has earned my distrust in this regard.

just rockstar stuff. wait a few weeks and they will release a trailer with some fitting pop music or something.


tho am likely not buying it just like GTA V. am not into the online focus thing. 

zumnupy10 said:
I know rockstar doesn't attend E3 but I expected something to show at Sony conference. Even if it was only a new trailer.

You are contradicting yourself.... either you know they don't attend E3 or not. 

Here what you do don't pre-order the game and wait for the reviews.