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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Shining Resonance: Refrain Demo impressions PS4/Switch

Played Switch version twice. Once skipping cutscenes and the other watching most of them.

Shining Resonance Refrain: Refrain is the remastered version of the PS3 game that never made made it to the west, which is strange because the Director of the game actually created it with a western audience in mind...SEGA. Nuff said. Better late than never. It will be the first Shining game to come west in 10 years.

- The demo is incredibly short. I'm not sure why SEGA even bothered with a "carry your file to the full game" thing as there will be absolutely nothing to carry over. At best 2 of the 3 playable characters will have gained 1 level. I would rather just had a demo at a later part in the game that let you mess around on map or something.

- Presentation is a mixed bag, but nothing is terrible. Just inconsistent. The models look sharp and are smoothly animated (battle), but the environment was spacey to the point of feeling empty and pretty flat as well. I'm sure that's because of the seamless transitions into battles and they have to give enough space for the party of 4 and enemies but still. The game uses two formats to tell the story; the 3D models against a backdrop talking thing and fully animated realtime scenes for the more important stuff.

- Battle system is a lot like Star Ocean or Tales. Repeatedly pressing the attack button unleashes a combo, but there is a cooldown period as every attack consumes AP. No Ap, No attacking. AP replenishes when your not attacking. It happens so fast I'm wondering what the point is. To make make things a little weird special attacks can be done by holding the left bumper and pushing whatever button you have a skill mapped too. These don't use AP but MP and can used even when there is no AP left. There is also the Break attack. These are pretty weak on their own but serve to initiate the break status. As you pound on enemies there target reticle changes from green to red. Onces it hits red using break attacks has a chance to put the enemy in break status doubling damage done and stunning them. You're encouraged to chain combos, specials and breaks to get that beak status faster.


Based off the demo and the videos I've seen on it, nothing about SR:R screams terrible but nothing stands out either. In the full game the main character Yuma, will get to transform into a dragon, which is neat. Full game will also have a refrain mode that will allow 2 new characters to be playable but SEGA has been heavily advising to save that for a second playthrough. Looking like a solid return of Shining to the West and that's will be enough for most.

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For whatever the reason the PS4 demo is not up yet though it suppose to be.

Is it a remaster then ?

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