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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which E3 2018 Press Conference/Event Did You Enjoy Most?


Which E3 2018 Press Conference/Event Did You Enjoy Most?

Bethesda 151 6.74%
Devolver Digital 23 1.03%
Electornic Arts 5 0.22%
Microsoft 732 32.68%
Nintendo 400 17.86%
PC Gaming Show 21 0.94%
Sony 697 31.12%
Square Enix 17 0.76%
Ubisoft 62 2.77%
None of them 132 5.89%

This week's front page poll is a natural follow-up to last week's question. Now that all of the E3 conferences/events have taken place, which did you personally enjoy the most?


The results of last week's poll, for reference:

Most Anticipated E3 Press Conference/Event of 2018?
Bethesda 106 4.07%
Devolver Digital 16 0.61%
Electornic Arts 5 0.19%
Microsoft 315 12.11%
Nintendo 1,104 42.43%
PC Gaming Show 26 1.00%
Sony 892 34.28%
Square Enix 79 3.04%
Ubisoft 17 0.65%
None of the Above 42 1.61%
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1. Microsoft
2. Sony
3. Ubisoft
4. Bethesda
5. Square-Enix
6. Limited Run Games
7. Devolver Digital
8. Nintendo
9. EA

You didn't ad Limited Run Games. Their presentation was cute and their Q&A afterwards was really interesting.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Microsoft. They had the only good conference. Wasn't a great E3 conference, but was a pretty good one still.

Sony's completely sucked, Nintendo's was mostly about one game that I'm not at all interested in and the 3rd party ones were pretty dull as usual since the big 3 get all their big announcements anyway.

(My Highlight) Ghost of Tsushima, the gameplay and details are so impressive

And I enjoyed the "The Last of Us 2"-Gameplay and "Death Stranding" at the sony conference very much, thats why i vote for it. Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer, yeah!

Interesting is this new game: Babylon's Fall is coming exclusiv for PS4, by Platinum Games and Square Enix. And "The Quiet Man". Ni-Oh 2, that was a surprise. PS4-Titles like Spiderman, KH3 and Dragon Quest XI looks awesome. Many new games-announcements: Fallout 76 for this year, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Tales of Vesperia, Dead Or Alive 6, "Cyberpunk", Division 2 and "Control". In addition, before and after the Sony Conference... other new PS4-trailer was released (Days Gone, Yakuza Kiwami 2, some VR titles, Catharine Full Body, Persona Music-Games/Fist of the North Star coming in the west, more Spiderman-Gameplay ect). Thats my reasons.

My result: It was a great   = ) Sony, MS and Square Enix had a good show for me.


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That is a far more interesting question.
Which do you enjoy more > which did it better.

The beginning to ubisoft was great. The donkey kong trailer for Mario/Rabbids was very interesting.

I voted ubisoft.

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MS had the best show, although mainly due to the strength of third party

Microsoft. It is not even close.

I only saw the big 3. Microsoft's was good. More than that actually. It was great, slightly short of amazing, but if I'm being honest I'm a bit annoyed that it is being looked at as "good for Microsoft" and not "good in general". Like, it was almost Sony E3 levels of hype in a few places, and to those that didn't like it because it was mostly 3rd party games, I seem to remember a lot of third party multiplat announcements that made E3 great in the past.

Sekiro (Shadows Die Twice) is probably going to be GOTY, and I'm so happy From Soft is moving past Dark Souls and Bloodborne, because I prefer this spiritual successor approach. It's more original and unique.

Gears 5 actually LOOKS INTERESTING, and I hated Gears 4! It looks super different, and I like that. It's kinda sad that it's just going to be chalked up to "the same ol' Gears! Oh Microsoft, the same ol' Gears! herr durr." Gears Tactics looks fucking rad, and coming right out and saying it's PC-centric? Hell yeah.

Tales of Vesperia remastered looks class, although I'll probably get it on Switch.

I thought the We Happy Few trailer was great. I was surprised that the dialogue wasn't too cringy or on-the-nose and it actually looks amazing.

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Darwinianevolution said:
You didn't ad Limited Run Games. Their presentation was cute and their Q&A afterwards was really interesting.

The polling system only allows for 10 options, so I had to skip one of them. I decided to skip LR because I hadn't included them last week (I had no idea LR was going to have a conference back then).