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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Other Developers should take an example from CAPCOM

capcom showed again with resident evil 2 remake, how to announce a game, like they did with monster hunter last year. we saw at E3 the first trailer, but not only that, they showed us the release date too, with only a half year away. other developers should take an example from them...

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You mean when they do things the right way... We definitely don't need companies doing what capcom did for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, nor Street Figther V

I hope nobody follows the example of Capcom. Their bussiness practises are some of the worst in the industry, and have been for a while.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Yes I agree. DMC 5 is also not too far away.

They announced RE2 years ago though

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The game had already been announced a couple years ago though...

Nope the game has already been announced once besides Capcom also have also announced DMC without a release date. Bethesda deserves credit for announcing Fallout pretty late with a release date. Sony is probably the worst offender in this regard along with Square. Which simply say we are working on this and we will release it once its done and that can take a really long time. If it takes more than ten years we change the platform and release it anyway.

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looks at how capcom handles my beloved megaman and onimusha and with the exception of esident evil 2 and mh world i disagree about any dev taking anything from capcom