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Rate the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct

10 14 6.83%
9 6 2.93%
8 22 10.73%
7 35 17.07%
6 35 17.07%
5 29 14.15%
4 22 10.73%
3 18 8.78%
2 6 2.93%
1 18 8.78%

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- The first game they showed with the mech, the only surprise
- The Xenoblade 2 expansion which looks awesome
- The Fire emblem game wich looks great as well


- Zero announcement except Mario Party
- Fire emblem for 2019
- No big game this year except Smash Bros
- No Metroid, no Bayonetta
- No Retro Studio
- No animal crossing, zelda, mario,, f-zero, nothing

- 40 minutes on 45 about Smash Bros

I give it a 4/10. Barely any announcements, 20 minutes spent just on Smash. Smash and Fire Emblem looked good, but it needed more announces. I really wanted to see more Wii U ports, especially Tokyo Mirage Session and Fatal Frame 5, but we got no new Wii U ports. No Retro Studios announce after 4 years. 

4 or 5 out of 10. Just a big, whopping "meh."

Was Super Mario Party really the only actual announcement...? It's kind of unbelievable. (Plus, with all that time spent on Smash, no Story Mode.)

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Uhhh is it over? It was trucking along so strongly and then sort of just went to treehouse... it's like someone was dominating their exam but handed it in half way through it.

I certainly hope there's more, otherwise I don't think E3 had any presentations that were particularly impressive this year.

I give it a 5/10, because it really was mediocre. Nothing that was shown was awful, but there was nothing that wowed me. FE and Mario Party good look good, but that wasn't enough.

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The whole thing...

No announcements, no show of announced games, Smash being a glorified port, and spending the entire conference in Smash.


This is just positively puzzling, there's so many things they left unmentioned. Maybe they'll show more throughout treehouse?