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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Microsoft promoting PS4 by showing Kingdom Hearth 3

Microsoft E3 has been great, by showing many ip's altho most of them are multyplat and Times exclusives.


And one of them are Kingdom Hearth 3


As we all already knows, KH3 is releasing on Xbox as well.

The problem is the prolog games and the previous KH are exclusives to PS platform and also Sony just showed an exclusives KH bundless  (all previous prequel )on their  E3 conference. 

KH games are connected by stories and people who want to enjoy need to understand the stories and need to play and finish every previous games.


It's really a blunder on Microsoft side on my opinion. I know they want to get attention on Japanese stuff, but come on, even their hardcore fans not even exited watching it at the conference.

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Is this rule Will be forever?

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