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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rate Sony 2018 E3 Press Conference



1 12 6.35%
2 2 1.06%
3 11 5.82%
4 15 7.94%
5 25 13.23%
6 36 19.05%
7 38 20.11%
8 34 17.99%
9 8 4.23%
10 8 4.23%

Rate Sony's Press Conference

What Rating on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the Best ever and 1 being the absolute worst

Given all that they showed did you think it was Good, Great, Amazing or just terrible, also explain what you liked and didn't like. And this is Just what was in the Press conference nothing after or with other Conferences in 2018.

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6/10 No release date for almost everything, TLOU2 was good, Death Stranding aka Walking Simulator I was so hyped for it... Control looks interesting, Spider-Man a must buy for me, RE2 remake it's OK I guess, nothing more

By far the worst Sony conference in years. That huge fill segment with the 'intermission' was just painful. Getting a new IP in Control was pretty cool. Really didn't like how Ghost of Tsukishima looked.  The long music intros for TLOU2 and Tsukishima were not needed at all and were just lame. So much fill time and yet the conference was super short for Sony standards.



Ghosts, RE2, and Spiderman looked amazing, everything else was just there for me.

More interesting games for me than MS's press conference. And many of them looked stunning.
Unlike everyone else (it seems) I never expected Kojima to reveal what the gameplay is like in Stranding at this point, so it was nice to see what we got.

I would have liked maybe one or two more surprise announcements for a higher grade. But since there were so many nice looking games, and they revealed Resident Evil 2, I'll give it 8.5/10.

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It's hard to grade this.... at one side the presentations was bad, i mean realy bad! But at the other side they got the best exclusive games and gameplay!
6-5 perhaps ... microsoft got inferior exclusives, but their presentation was better.

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Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

5/10 like MS. This E3 sucked all around

7.5/10 but ill give it a 8 on the poll.
Pros: TLOU2 looks epic, Spiderman looks epic. RE2 Remake, Control, and Nioh 2 were nice announcements. Also 4 maps from older Black Ops in BO4 is hype and Destiny 2 trailer was cool.
Cons: Too much live performances, Intermission sucked, Ghost of Tsushima graphics look great but the gameplay looks bad, Death Stranding was a whole lot of nothing the only gameplay we got was walking.


Nothing exactly exciting for me. Also, that intermission was unnecessary

4/10. Some of the games looked good, but the presentation itself was horrid. If you take out the games we've already seen, there was very little there. I'll give you RE2 because that was only mentioned before, not shown, but it was incredibly underwhelming. Most of the games were 2019, too. What first-party stuff does Sony have for 2018 aside from Spiderman?