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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4/PC: The Quiet Man

I'm intrigue but not convinced:


The PS5 Exists. 

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That live action segment to actual gameplay was simply jarringly bad ... ugh. Though, concept wise, it's intriging.

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At first I swear it looked like it was Live-Action... then it swapped to ingame graphics.. and then back to live action right? it was weird.
Hopefully its good.

An interesting concept, but I'm not sure how exactly one would successfully pull it off. You have to utilize sound somehow in your game, as never ending silence would simply become unbearable after a short while.

You forgot to include the game box art in the OP

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It is a one hour ish game with live action (got that information from easy allies)

Eh, if it's just going to be a street thug fighting game, then I'll pass.

At first I thought it was a sequel to The Bouncer

it looked like Sleeping Dogs-style gameplay but the protagonist is... deaf? i dont know what that means for actual gameplay and story, but... we'll see?