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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rank Square Enix's E3 conference


Rate the Square Enix Conference

10 2 2.41%
9 0 0%
8 1 1.20%
7 9 10.84%
6 13 15.66%
5 15 18.07%
4 7 8.43%
3 17 20.48%
2 11 13.25%
1 8 9.64%

Please be constructive with your criticism so the thread doesn't get locked.

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Mods, please move this to Gaming Discussion, not sure how how it ended up in Sony.


Why dos they make One on the first place just to show trailers evyome Saw already


Much shorter than expected.
"the Quiet man" looked intresting, as did the new "Babylon's Fall".
The cross over between FF14 + Monster Hunter looked cool, as did the new content they announced for FF14.

They showed Dragon Quest XI well..... the more thats shown to the western audience the better. 
Tombraider got a decent showing too.

Im surprised there was so little about Kingdom Hearts though. They could have shown more.
This was like just 30mins or something right?

Short but sweet..... Im guessing this is like a 5.5/10.

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6/10. The game shown were great but no big surprises and a slightly longer KH trailer? Bleh. I'm being generous cause TR, Just cause, dragon quest and KH look great. Babylon fall and the quiet man also look interesting.

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I thought it was a pretty meh conference. Everything that was shown could have been on other conferences easily:

-Just Cause 4 extended trailer, KH3 extended trailer, and Tomb Raider demo on MS conference
-The new Platinum game and the other new PS4 exclusive, DQ11, FF14 on Sony conference
-Octopath on Nintendo Treehouse or Direct

Why do another E3 conference for the first time in 3 years if you don't have enough new announces to back it up? It wasn't EA bad, but it was not good, that's for sure.


Basically, this conference was to PS4 what MS was to multiplats.


The PS5 Exists. 

I'll be honest and say it was a pretty useless conference. If you're not going to announce anything major, what's the point?

3/10. They don't get points from me for announcing new games because they do that all the time and it means nothing.

Gotta say I loved it, especially after watching EA, Microsoft and Bethesda's shows, I really just preferred this format. Just game, game, game.... None of the bullshit that these other shows have. Microsoft had a huge show just to announce they had one game coming out this year. Square Enix just lays it all out in 30 minutes. Bravo!