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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Platinum Games - Babylon's Fall (PS4,Steam)

So incase you where wondering if Platinum was working on something new.... yeah they are.

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Lookrd amazing!!!!


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I admit, that's one hell of a game that tickles me in a good way.

+ it's Platinum Games !

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Looks really interesting. Naturally can't really say much at this point, but as a concept I like what they showed.

Very curious. It looked great.
Platinum? Yeah I'm in let's go!

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Eh, does not look very good to me.

shikamaru317 said:
Eh, does not look very good to me.

To be fair its just a CGI trailer.
We can "guess" towrads it being a RPG, because of the fantasy setting and magic.... I thought it look intresting, its probably a few years out though.

They have my attention but i need to see more

Definitely got my attention.

It wasn’t listed as coming to XBO? I missed that I guess.