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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nero Devil May Cry 5 Appearance Look like Scalebound Character

Does Nero look like  Scalebound character , from the attitude , voice acting, and combat style etc etc? , I was shocked i thought Microsoft resurrect the games LOL 

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I noticed it immediately as soon as I started watching the trailer, lol. Even Nero's personality is similar to the Scalebound protagonist, they are both kind of cocky.

Nero looks like Donte
Dante looks like a hobo
Vergil looks zombie which is fine

Why Dante looks so skinny and old :(

I kinda think Nero's new design is a jab platinum. " you attempted to borrow DMC aesthetic, now we will borrow scalebound aesthetic ...and our game will come out". The other half of me thinks Nero was designed to appeal to those who liked DmC Dante.

I was thinking the same thing when I first saw him.

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dante looks like jeff bridges

Locking this down.

We understand there's lot of things coming out of E3 you guys want to talk about, but the mod team would rather not have the forums cluttered with threads for every little reaction. See CGI's thread for reference:

In this case, there are already a couple of threads pertaining to DMC5, in which this specific sub-topic could be discussed. One of which being the announcement thread, which you can find here: