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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Did PUBG get a complete makeover?

So as we have seen with the new PUBG trailer, were BlueHole Games holding out on us to announce this Rerelease coming in Winter? I am no huge fan of Battle Royal modes, however I did play PUBG for a short time and it was quite fun but it was a messy game. After seeing this trailer it surprised me, the game looks like it received a complete makeover, it looks playable and it looks like a hell of a lot more fun. 

I might have to drop back in on release to check it out.

PUBG Official Trailer.

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The update has me hyped. New mode and 2 née maps. Can't wait.

Too little too late. By the time this update gets released, PUBG will have a dozen contenders with more content than it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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It’s updated constantly. UI wise it’s already almost a completely different game than when it launched in Game Preview. I played last week and couldn’t believe how different it looked. And of course I got engaged in an intense two floor firefight with someone and finally won but was oblivious to the blue wall and ended up dying.

*trailer footage might not reflect actual gameplay

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vivster said:
*trailer footage might not reflect actual gameplay

^ this, looked like it was polished up abit.... actual gameplay will probably still look as it always has.

Warmode seems like team vs team pvp match, thats a nice add to it, but nothing really "new" for the genre.

John2290 said:

Running on a 5 grand PC build I'm sure and probably polished the trailer in post too.

Why a 5 grand PC?.

I can run this on my PC and it doesn't cost 5k.

John2290 said:
Chazore said:

Why a 5 grand PC?.

I can run this on my PC and it doesn't cost 5k.

You can't run it looking that pretty and polished. The game doesn't exist that polished outside of their studio. It has to be on a super optimised rig and polished in post or, and I very much doubt it, an actual updated build of the game they plan on releasing. 

I ran it on mine with practical max settings and I was getting over 60fps. The only times I wasn't getting 60 was in certain areas, and that was due to cluttered crap and memory leaks within those confined areas. 

I wasn't getting a far worse experience that X1 owners have. 

That doesn't mean the devs won't try their hand at optimizing it though. It's either optimize or die at this point, and considering their court case with Epic,  I don't think leaving it to die would be a good idea.

Either way, I don't need a 5k PC to run the game, let alone 1-2k. 

Perhaps I'm ignorant and thus wrong, but I'd expect the actual game to look like that just like Battlefield V is going to look like its first trailer.

It still looks like an asset flip... It just lacks its own personality.

Most successful franchises have a look that is instantly recognizable, but PUBG's appearance is hard to differentiate from most other asset flip survival games. Hopefully they invest more of that enormous mountain of money into establishing an aesthetic all their own.