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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Confirmed: Next Gen Xbox Codenamed Scarlet.


This week, Microsoft is in Los Angeles where the company announced that they acquired five gaming studios and that they are working on next-gen consoles as well as a new game streaming service.

Phil Spencer said that the company’s cloud engineers are working to bring console-quality games streaming to any device. Microsoft already allows in-home game streaming with its Xbox console and the Xbox app on the PC and this streaming service is a natural extension of that experience. It’s also not hard to imagine that the streaming service will be linked to Xbox Game Pass too.

Spencer also confirmed that the company is working on new iterations of the Xbox console but this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. I have been told that the “codename” for the next series of devices is currently “Scarlet” but I don’t know a timeline for release at this time.

But, seeing as streaming is going to be a focus, the company’s mixed reality headsets are evolving to have more features and applications, and the company’s ability to have one game run on multiple platforms, it’s not too hard to imagine what the company may include in the next iteration of the console hardware.

Any way you look at it, Microsoft has put a considerable amount of effort into making the Xbox brand exciting and the future looks promising for those invested in the ecosystem.


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Megaton !

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I feel li8ke they didnt need to mention that, since its obvious that the big three are constantly developing the next console, but ok.

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I knew when they didn't show Halo 6 that it was going to be used as a launch title.

Nice codename.
Bad timing to talk about it.

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I wonder if they are indeed making cloud gaming a focus, like Ubisoft had speculated. I mean, if Phil Spencer wasn't just talking out of his ass about them working on a new network for cloud gaming on all devices, then I think it'll be interesting to see next gen for sure. Couple that with Gamepass, and that'd be an interesting deal...if it works.

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AlfredoTurkey said:
I knew when they didn't show Halo 6 that it was going to be used as a launch title.

Halo Infinite is Halo 6. Takes place 2 years after Halo 5.

Great. Im am eagerly fucking anticipating a million threads about a codename. Yay

AlfredoTurkey said:
I knew when they didn't show Halo 6 that it was going to be used as a launch title.

From what I can guess, its probably a holiday 2020 release (no gameplay this year), which would make sense for a next gen console (3 years after release of the X).

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Scarlet? Wtf that can be a woman's name...

Great, first they ruin Gears 5 with a woman and now this. SJW BS bleeding into my game console now. What a damn disgrace. Get fucked MS.

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