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Do you like sour flavored snacks?

Yes 33 86.84%
No 5 13.16%

Yesterday I was playing soccer with a group of friends and when were done we went into a store to buy some snacks. I bought a Pepsi and was gonna buy some regular skittles but one of my friends convinced me to get the sour flavored skittle. I hated it, the sour coding on the skittle did nothing for me so I just licked off the sour flavor so I can eat them as regular skittles. 

Do you enjoy sour flavored snacks? If you do, why?

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I like things that taste sour. It also makes the inside even sweeter.

Same reason I like the color blue.

It's genetic. Some people like sour and some like sweet.

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jason1637 said:


Do you enjoy sour flavored snacks? If you do, why?


No I don't like the taste of sour skittles. Regular skittles are better, but rather not have either of them.

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Sour, and spicy taste tend to create an appetite. Maybe if people eat something that is sour, it will not make them stop eating and feeling so full.

Because they’re freaking delicious, man!

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I don't know. I don't like sour stuff.

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I like sour candy for the same reason that I like sweet stuff - because I do.

Seriously though, is even possible to answer this question with anything other than a variant of "because they taste good"?