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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which ones are you getting - RDR 2, COD BO4 and BF 5



BF 5 3 3.45%
RDR 2 44 50.57%
COD BO4 2 2.30%
All 3 1 1.15%
2 of 3 9 10.34%
None 28 32.18%

I've made a discussion on why I'm not getting Battlefield 5 despite liking Battlefield 1. I would get RDR 2 and was going to go for BF 5 once I was done with it but that's no longer true because of the unimmersive direction of the series. Here's the thing I want to know. Which of the 3 big October games will you get? It will be an interesting discussion.

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Most likely CoD, maybe BFV, and probably not RDR2

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

Really hyped for CoD:Black Ops 4. Might get Battlefield 5. Red Dead Redemption 2 looks boring.

Only Red Dead Redemption 2 most likely, and even that long after release since I'm not that hyped about the game anyway.

RDR 2. Maybe battlefield 5.

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RDR2 is the only one that has a chance with me, but likely none. Beyond me how people can buy these samey games yearly. But to each their own.


RDR2 most likely. Neither BO4 or BFV. I used to buy both franchises, then future COD turned me off for the foreseeable future, so I only bought BF, and now with BFV choosing variety over realism I won't be buying it either. So plenty of time to play RDR2 over the holidays then I guess.

None interest me.

BFV only