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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Citizen Introduces $27,000 Legatus Pack

Who needs a car when you can fly in every ship of a expensive tech demo ?

"Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game with a lot of money given to it, to the tune of $35,000,000 as of January. Now, Cloud Imperium Gaming is offering yet another tier of purchases for only $27,000 dollars.

The Legatus Pack is now purchasable for Star Citizen players, but with a special caveat. The pack, which contains 117 ships for your space baron lifestyle, is only viewable if you have already put $1000 into the game. It can be found on this page if you're logged in and have invested your child's college fund into the game already, otherwise you just get a 404 error.

Earlier this year, Star Citizen set a record for having been more funded than every other crowdfunded video game combined."


YonYea talking about it


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I had a feeling it wasn't going to be long until someone posted yet another Yong video on here . (He's like the loved version of Jim Sterling on here, while Jim is hated).

People will pay for what they want, but what's more interesting, is how much people are willing to pay for something. Well that and the fact that people who never liked the game and watched it from the outside, assume they know absolutely everything that's going on within the game development cycle.

That said, I'm still waiting patiently for Squadron 42 for some Hamill goodness.

This game is a straight scam rubbed on your face.

Nearly 200 million in funding and still not finished?

@ 2:32 damn, not even EA or Konami managed to get THAT kind of venomous response from Yong in said video. 😂 That's when you know something is so monumentally, out-of-this-world shady that nothing, not even EA's attempt to implement glorified gambling in SWBF II even comes close.

And the sad part is, you know there's some whales out there who WILL buy the $28k MTXs and we're gonna see this shit bleed over into other games, it always does. And perhaps even scarier, some people might actually try to defend this all in the name of "player choice" or "business trying to stay afloat". These two camps are why they get away with it. 

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I really feel sorry for anyone who has invested in this game. At this stage it's just a big scam.

Lol, there are times when I wonder if this game will ever come out, or if the whole thing is just a scam.

shikamaru317 said:
Lol, there are times when I wonder if this game will ever come out, or if the whole thing is just a scam.

Well we'll find out when they either go to court for not delivering a game within the next 3 more years, or we'll see them release the game within the next 3 years. Either way something is going to happen by then.

I have seen their dev schedule diagram, and tbh, it looks batshit complicated and insane to comprehend. That said I do hope they at least release Squadron 42 (they did pay Mark Hamill after all, as well as other celebs, they definitely don't come cheap), then I can rub it in the faces of the naysayers for giggles  

Nearly 200 million in funding and still not finished?

IKR? They've raised over 3 times the budget of most AAA games, all paid for up front by the publisher, and the game's still nowhere near being complete and it still looks like a cheap Alpha build mobile game after 6 years. 😂

How about introducing a release date?