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Forums - Sony Discussion - Days Gone Launches Feb 22 2019


New trailer for Days Gone - releasing Feb 22 2019.


A lot of new game info on the PS blog:

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Will be delayed until may 2019


The PS5 Exists. 

bananaking21 said:
Will be delayed until may 2019

Yeah when they announce the release date early it seems it always get delayed.  

so Spiderman September, Dreams December (my guess). not a bad year.

Q1 Sony releases have done well so hopefully nothing big releases near to it, because i think it would be overshadowed otherwise. still not convinced it's going to be a great game, but has potential for sure

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GribbleGrunger said:


I'm good with that, nice spread.

I would not be shocked if the game is pretty much done, but they don't want to launch it against Red Dead Redemption 2 and other big games

Cautiously optimistic!!! Definitely on my radar! 👍

I have a bad feeling about this game performing way below expectations. I hope I'm wrong because I'd like for the investing more money into it approach to pay off, rather than canceling a game. No that that was necessarily ever on the table. But I did hear some worrying things about it from Eurogamer.