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Shadow1980 said:
Would everyone be fine with that?

Yes, with the weird Sony & Amazon situation, its basically impossible to make any sort of correlation between Amazon rankings & NPD results.

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Shadow1980 said:
I've been thinking of some changes for the Amazon threads. Namely, having fewer of them. I was thinking about possibly trying seasonal/quarterly threads starting next month (which would be the start of summer/Q3). This would give me more leeway in creating threads, as I wouldn't have to scramble to make one every month on the first. I'm getting more and more forgetful about getting the threads up because of how much other stuff I have going on these days.

If I did move to a seasonal/quarterly format, I would probably discontinue logging in the weekly rankings and just focus on monthly and yearly rankings. The Amazon hardware rankings in general have lost the predictive power they once had, with the Switch clearly dominating on the site despite having come in second in actual sales for the past several months, meaning the Amazon rankings are more of a curiosity/interest thing now than something with utilitarian value in determining the relative NPD hardware rankings. As such, logging in minutiae like the weekly rankings, which I've routinely forgotten anyway, isn't something I feel is necessary anymore.

Would everyone be fine with that?

Yeah, no biggie

And no need for the weeklies, giving the monthly ranking for NPD is enough

It seems Switch is increasing sales performance each passing month. June looks very promising for it.

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I know it doesn't belong here but wanted to let you know guys there's a 20% off sale in everything at ebay. Just bought a switch for $253.98.

Let's go Switch!

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Jeez, does Amazon just not sell PS4's anymore or what?

Switch is killing it in June with no release.. this is promising for the next months of the year. I have no fear for MTA anymore, the game will sell really well im sure of it.

Hopefully they dont talk about the game during E3, i dont think they will since they are promoting it like crazy rn.

Pokemon had finally been released for preorder in the uk. The pokeball ia the only item in the top 10 so far 🤣