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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami E3 2018 show floor listing reveals compilations and more!


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MGS HD collection, Silent hill collection, zone of the Enders collection or something a little smaller? What do you guys think they’ll show off? I’d personally like a silent hill homecoming remaster for ps4. 

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I would love a more comprehensive Silent Hill Compilation that includes all the games and not just 2 and 3. But i guess Metal Gear is the more likely one.

I'm honestly surprised that Konami is at E3 at all. Don't know what to expect. But knowing Konami, I'll keep my expectations low. Very low.

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A Castlevania compilation would be swell.

Well Metal Gear Survive I believe is free this week. On the 13th they are releasing a DLC that for outfits for "The Boss" and "Big Boss" from MGS3 which has led to speculation for HD remake of that game. Which is speculated to prep people for the next big numbered title which is rumored to be shown off at E3. I've also heard ramblings that we might get an Emblem unlocked in Phantom Pain next week as well, but I don't know the whole story on that one.

As for the games I'm more or less expecting to see them in the Sony booths. A rumored MGS3 remake might be multiplat, the next big entry seems unlikely after the debate that sparked Multiplat does not equate to more sales. MGS2 and MGS4 both out performed MGSV by a wide margin and were originally exclusive.

I'm actually really excited for E3 and it seems like Sony is going to give us a nostalgia trip of the PS1 era. I mean we have Resident Evil 2 Remake, Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remastered, Rumored new Metal Gear Solid title, Spider-Man (Spider-Man from 2000 was a great game, mmkaaay?!), and a rumored MediEvil remake (I call BS on the last one, but if it happens then fantastic! I'm not holding my breath for it). All we need now is Parasite Eve remake >=D Let's not forget FFVIII xD

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A Gradius HD compilation would be sweet. But this is 2010s Konami we're talking about here. They'll find a way to disappoint.


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Hoping for MGS 1-4 in 4K on PS4 Pro. I was thinking a few months ago how weird it is that we don't have access to Metal Gear Solid on PS4. It would also be nice to see them remake 1 - 3 over the next couple of years. I would love to play through those games with a Shadow of the Colossus level remaster.

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A compilation of their Pachinko machines, playable on the home consoles for real money

Only thing that would make me swallow my hatred for Konami is a Suikoden compilation. Fat chance though! lol

Xbox 360.... PS3..... Konami.... It's 2018. But mgs and silent hill collections are already on PS3 so doesn't make much sense for that to be the compilation.