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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Square Enix Devotes Division To Developing Switch Games

During my conversation with the team at Acquire and Square Enix about Octopath Traveler, Asano mentioned that the team became its own division in April. "Square Enix has decided that it wants to focus on original titles for the Switch," he says. "If Octopath Traveler does well and this is something that appeals to fans, we want to focus on Switch. Please pick up the Switch if you want to play games like Octopath Traveler."

When I ask Asano if games were already in development, or if Square Enix's future on the platform is contingent upon Octopath Traveler's success, he clarified his statement. "There are several other titles that we're currently working on for Switch," he says. "If you could just wait a bit longer, we'll work with Nintendo and announce them in the future."



I guess one those games is Bravely Default.

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This is beyond exciting, as the AA games Square develops turns out to be more consistent quality-wise compared to their bigger games, though its nowhere near as bad.And these games are also not usually tied to modern concepts, so its usually those types of games where we get gems like Bravely and Octopath, that are simply excellent.

And this statements comes way too close to E3 to be just a coincidence.This makes me even more pumped for Nintendo and Square conference!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

If it means more games like Bravely and Octopath, I'm all in.

Capcom, start taking notes.

DreadPirateRoberts said:
If it means more games like Bravely and Octopath, I'm all in.

Exactly, please more middle tier square titles. I missed them. 


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Final Fantasy XVI Switch exclusive confirmed.

Awesome news

I think it's time for a new Mana-game. Switch could be the target platform then SE could port it later if they wanted to

Chrono Trigger remade with the Octopath look and engine.
That's all.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Chrono Break please. That is all...

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