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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated E3 Press Conference/Event of 2018?


Most Anticipated E3 Press Conference/Event of 2018?

Bethesda 106 4.07%
Devolver Digital 16 0.61%
Electornic Arts 5 0.19%
Microsoft 315 12.10%
Nintendo 1,105 42.45%
PC Gaming Show 26 1.00%
Sony 892 34.27%
Square Enix 79 3.03%
Ubisoft 17 0.65%
None of the Above 42 1.61%

This week's front page poll - which E3 press conference are you most looking forward to?

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Sony is the only one I'm looking forward to. I'm interested in the information that could come from the others ones, but I'm not interested in actually watching them. Although considering the time of the Sony one I'll probably just read a recap of that as well rather than actually watch it.

There has been so many leaks already that none will impress. We already know a lot....

1. Nintendo
The switch is my favourite console right now, so I wanna know what games I can look forward to.

2. Sony
I really hope they have some good stuff for VR to show. Some new large title would be great. All that little Indie stuff we get is cool and all, but I would love to see a game like Skyrim for PSVR again soon.

3. Bethesda
I just wanna know what the hell Fallout 76 is all about. I love Bethesda games so I'm quite excited.

Don't care too much for the rest, but I'm down for one or two pleasant surprises. (Skate 4!)

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Nintendo, especially Smash Bros, can generate hype unlike anything else. its honestly ridiculous

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Nintendo, given that I expect Sony conference( as far as first party games are related) to be tame at best.

But honestly, I look forward to them all, since I will be watching them all!

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Shadows die twice, ghost of tsushima, and maybe death stranding are the main things Im interested in.

Do we even have anything from MS? they are too silent. Maybe they will bomb us with some announcements?

Nintendo cuz of Smash !

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Nintendo will always be my most anticipated. Also looking forward to what Ubisoft and Bethesda have to show and i am curious about Microsoft because they have something to prove at this point