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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would you be okay with FE:Switch taking idea's from FE:Heroes?

With the Pokémon Let's Go reveal, I find myself thinking about the new Fire Emblem (more than usual) and how it will play. Lately I've been putting a lot of thought into whether they'll take idea's from Fire Emblem Heroes and how I'd feel about it. Unlike Pokémon Go, I feel taking some idea's from Fire Emblem Heroes would make things better, specifically these 3:

Special Skills: In Heroes skills like Luna, Sol, or Pavise have cool downs, a certain number of actions have to be performed by or against the unit equipped with it before it activates. I prefer this over what the main series does because I know when my or my opponents units skills will activate and it's not just tied to a stat that represents a percentage of the chances of it activating and it can't activate on every action.

Hit Rates: I don't mind the hit rates that much but I would like to get rid of them. It's annoying when I plan out a whole route to take out a group of difficult enemies only to have one of my units miss a 80% or even 90% hit rate ruining my plan. Or an enemy unit hits my guy with an abysmal hit rate. It takes away from the strategy when theirs this much luck imo.

I could honestly say the same thing for skills too. Doing all the right damage calculations to defeat an enemy only to proc Luna and kill the guy before I even put the rest of my plan into action makes me feel like I wasted my time.

I'd rather get rid of that BS tbh.

Weapon Triangle being colour coded: For newcomers it's easier to remember and it allows for Tomes, Bows, and Beasts/Dragons to be put into the mix without over complication things.

One more thing that I'd like is for the new Fire Emblem to get constant updates and have regular events like the voting gauntlets, tempest trial and/or battle arena except with actual pvp. I want the game to tide me over until the next Fire Emblem.

There are other things I would like but I'll leave it at that. I think not only would these changes make the main Fire Emblem games better but itd  also make it a bit more accessible for newcomers since I'd be less things to keep track of.

What are your thoughts? Would you want or be okay with stuff from heroes making it in or would you be completely against it?

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I'd rather it take ideas and the art and animation style from Shadows of Valentia.

One of the great things about Fire Emblem is that you cannot make a foolproof plan, so you make plans that give you as high a probability of success as possible. Say your unit has 50hp, and you encounter a group of 5 units that will kill you if all 5 enemies hit, but they only have a 60% hit rate each. You then have a probability of death around 8%.

Alternatively, you could play more defensively, and position yourself so only 1 enemy can reach you, but this increases the likelihood you'll be overrun by other enemies coming from somewhere else on the map. You don't know exactly what's going to happen there, so you have to decide whether the 8% risk is worth it.

If you remove all the probabilties, the game becomes deterministic, and you lose these tradeoffs. You'll know in advance - if I move Ike there, he'll have 4hp left. So the right thing is obviously to do that, then heal him up and then tackle the enemies coming from the other side.

So I wouldn't like getting rid of hit and crit rates. Skill activation being deterministic like in FE Heroes feels like an improvement, though. When you have too many probabilities in play at once, it becomes too muddy, and it ends up just feeling like luck. Both Radiant Dawn and Awakening occasionally had this problem. You have to take account of hit rates, crit rates, own skill activation rates, and enemy skill activation rates. It's simply too much to do a quick estimate.

Another thing I wouldn't mind them taking from FE Heroes is having smaller teams for parts of the game. You could be forced to split up your army, like Radiant Dawn part 4, but at a point where you don't yet have dozens of units, so each team is relatively small (4-6 people). Small teams on small maps works remarkably well in Heroes.

I might of two minds about simplification via UI and gameplay.

Pro - I am happy it makes it more accessible to general gamers.
Con - The games become less interesting for me. My favourite games in the FE franchise are older ones. And I have been finding that the additional content and simplification has made them generally less interesting for me. One example of UI simplification, is that in the older fire emblems, you effectively had to do all the math in your head rom the statistics given, but later on it would calculate it all for you. While easier, for me personally, it makes the game less satisfying because I don’t feel as calculating.

In addition, I find they utterly failed with balance when doing “hardcore” mode later - I hated that, just call it normal mode - because they spent less time balancing around that; the game became more puzzle like and felt less like a strategy. Character acquiring was messed up too in the later games - it was shaped only around story (for the most part), rather than story and gameplay, so it felt like you were not getting the characters you needed at the times you needed them - if you lost specific characters earlier, then good luck! Whereas in the older games this was not an issue.

Also, STOP with the bizarre childish American accents. It sounds ridiculous in the context of a medieval themed game. No one associates Americans with fantasy medieval settings, it’s too weird/wrong.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

^Yes to the small teams Pineapple mentioned. Because it makes you think more who to bring or not.

I dont know how to feel if they do a similar fates style. Because since it is a home console game now (not handheld) you need a lot of content to suit that Home console game PRICE. But the story in Fates was much better than Awakening.

Regarding FE Heroes..... I havent played it in ages (only played it in like the first 3 months when it came out) It would be smart to bring characters from different games because now people have an idea who they are. But this is not ground breaking.

Not sure about the other stuff...... But im excited for a new FE game with home console graphics!

And hopefully more voice acting + Dual VA .

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No thanks, weighing and manipulating the odds are part of the strategy. From making sure to have weapon triangle advantage, deciding whether to use higher hit but lower dmg weapons or vice versa, planning your attack so that your units are next to each other, and so ons. Atleast in Fates, majority of skills have guaranteed effects, so if you don't like the few rng based skills you don't have to use them. Also the weapon triangle was color coded in that game.

No, I'd rather it be a traditional Fire Emblem game.

If it's more akin to Echoes, it's a win for me !

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They already stopped caring about the TRPG elements with Awakening, so sure, why not?

And why not some auto-play, because it's difficult to think about strategies and it would be more user friendly to let the game play itself. And let's add some gatcha, because it's awesome to spend your time doing repetitive and boring battles just to have 1% of chances to get a good hero to continue doing the same boring stuff.

If they don't learn how to make a real TRPG again, they should just do a remake of Path of radiance and Radiant Dawn, it would be way better than any new casual mating sim they could invent.

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Mar1217 said:
If it's more akin to Echoes, it's a win for me !

I'd kind of be okay with that, but I don't see it happening. Fire Emblem Heroes has made quite a bit of money and is decently popular game. The only games I think they'll be borrowing from are Awakening/Fates and mostly likely Heroes to help draw in that Smartphone crowd like Pokemon Let's Go will do for Pokemon.