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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Burned out. Zombified browsing/procrastination and how to solve it?

Stop buying so much games and focus on the core one's you really want

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Welcome to my entirety of 2017. Not a single game I was DYING to play. One of the worst years in gaming for me.

What kind of temps are we talking about to not let you sleep? And can't you do something about it, like getting an AC unit (even a portable one)?

As for being burned by games, it happens to most, if not all, of us every now and then. What I use to do is try to find a game I could like from a genre I don't use to play. I usually end up either liking the game and wanting to try more game like that, or hating it and appreciating a lot more the other games I use to play, giving me a reason to play them again.

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I do the exact same thing, instead of actually doing something, watching a movie, playing a game, working, I'll just browse and YouTube and do pretty much nothing. To the extent that I'll start a game for 20 mins then tire of it and never be able to get into it, and just go back to browsing.

Only when I get an incredible game (mario odyssey, persona 5, Mass Effect) can I just sit down and play it. Whereas before I could play any old trash.

"What do you guys do to avoid or fix this?"

Breaks (tv, books, ect)... do other things (go outsides), or differnt types of games than you normally play.

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Sorry, I've been in this state for some time now too. Nothing will fix it. You'll just have to wait it out. That's how it passed for me before, and that's how it will pass for me this time again. Trying hard will just be swimming against strong currents. :P

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Feeling the same way. I was spoiled by VR, so now I have a hard time going back to flat screen games. I have XBO, Switch, and PS4/PSVR, but I just keep on watching Videos and playing old games on the Vita. Every now and then I think man I got to use this time to play some PS4 games, since I can play the Vita any time, but I go to my library, and I just can't get excited for anything. I hop into MLB Homerun Derby VR, and Knockout League for a half hour to an hour, and then it is right back to TV and Vita.

The one thing I want to play right now is the Master Chief Collection, but I am waiting for the XOX patch. Hoping that is released next week for E3, then I will have something to tide me over a few weeks. Other than that I just want Spider-Man. I need release dates for Blood and Truth, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Vacation Simulation, Firewall Zero Hour, Envasion, and Dreams. There is plenty upcoming that I want, I just don't know when they are coming.

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Oh i get that as well.

Currently i've been almost a week trying to decide what to play next. I have reduced my backlog and i have hardly bought anything this year. All the games i have are games i want to play at some point, but the commitment to finish the game always feels heavy. Do i play Fallout 4 and commit a hundread hours? Do i play tomb raider 2 and commit 20-30 hours?
It's pretty weird to decide what to play, and i do think having too much choice is a problem. But i've reduced my backlog from what was probably 30 games to 15 or so games. The problem is they are all massive and such an investment that i just end up delaying the decision and browse or watch something on netflix.

Games are a big commitment these days, if you care about finishing them. But, when i start playing them, i start enjoying them a lot. It's just that decision to start that is the problem. You know you will be playing it for a long time.

Anyways yeah, my sugestion is to just start playing something and get going rather than overthink it. With that said, i know it can be difficult at times.

I wish I knew how to get out of a slump because this sort of thing has been happening to me for the last few years, where I'll have a good 5-6 hour chunk available to play a game... but I end up watching YouTube videos and reading random articles on wikipedia... sometimes I even check Amazon and ShopTo for sales on games (And maybe buy them, oops... fuck you backlog!). Although for me it's bad enough just PICKING a game to play, let alone actually sitting down and playing it, lol.

Sounds like the heat is getting to you, not much you can do with that other than drink lots of water.
As for backlogs i've managed to make a rule for myself that i will have no more than two unplayed games at a time and so far it has worked out really well. No debates on what i should play next, no ending up playing nothing cause i couldn't decide. It is actually kinda great