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Ka-pi96 said:
HomokHarcos said:
This World Cup is missing two things.
1. A goalless draw
2. A comeback win

Let's hope #1 stays missing. Would love to see #2 though!

We just got #2.

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serbia should have gotten a penalty for that two player holding

whats the point of the camera thing if they never want to use it?

Nice again a correct prediction! Switzerland the best! Brazil winning correct, but Iceland lost. Oh well. Though at least them losing makes my prediction for tournament just a tad more likely.


Belgium - Tunesia 3-0
South Korea - Mexico 0-2
Germany - Sweden 2-1

2 Albanian players causing Serbia to lose.... YIKES
Hopefully Xhaka and Shaqiri wont get in trouble for their eagle symbols.

That was a fucking great game of football.

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Mr.Playstation said:
Stellar_Fungk said:

I don’t understand his use of adjectives. Is there something special about icelandic and croatians fans that I’ve missed? Are they considered the most beautiful fans by a newspaper or something? Yeah, I guess it’s personal for him.

Can't speak for Croatia but the Icelandic fans aren't that bad.

can't argue with that.

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poklane said:
2 Albanian players causing Serbia to lose.... YIKES
Hopefully Xhaka and Shaqiri wont get in trouble for their eagle symbols.

Why would they get in trouble?

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Brazil with a late, but very much deserved win. Good decision to call the penalty back, but for those who don't know, yellow cards are not subject to video review, so even if such a review proved a dive beyond any doubt, it wouldn't result in a yellow card.

Iceland wasn't good in the second half, but they still have a small chance to reach the round of 16. Argentina should be the team to pull through though. Then again, it's far from a sure thing because that squad and coach aren't really good.

Switzerland came on the field sleepwalking and conceded an early goal, but in the second half it was clear that they wanted the win more than Serbia, so the 2-1 was an okay result. As for the penalty that wasn't given for Serbia, what was missing was a camera angle that showed what Mitrovic did with his hands. The referee on the field had the better view while the video material didn't provide clear evidence that it had to be a penalty, hence why the decision wasn't even challenged. Earlier today Iceland got a deserved penalty where it could be clearly seen how important different camera angles are; in one angle it looked hardly like a foul, in the better angle it was a clear foul.

Predictions for Saturday's games:

Belgium vs. Tunisia 2-0
Korea Republic vs. Mexico 0-2
Germany vs. Sweden 2-1

Feature update:

Africa - 0/2 - 0% - EgyptMorocco
Asia - 0/1 - 0% - Saudi Arabia
Europe - 3/3 - 100% - Croatia, France, Russia
North America - 0/1 - 0% - Costa Rica
South America - 1/2 - 50% - Peru, Uruguay

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Belgium vs Tunisia 3-1
South Korea vs Mexico 1-1
Germany vs Sweden 0-0

Belgium 3 - Tunisia 0
South Korea 1 - Mexico 1
Germany 8 - Sweden 0