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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does valve have the staff to work on a theoretical HL3 ?

valve is at ~360 employees right now. considering a good chunk work at steam or VR games and that new card game. how many are realistically working on HL3?. we have no indication that they are neither am I creating the thread about an ongoing HL3 development because its unlikely


but valve in my opinion. doesn't have the staff to make a modern HL3. it would take all of valve's employees to make HL3 in probably like 5-7 years. so I doubt they worked on it at all.


a game like HL3 needs a big studio that is the size of valve to make it. if valve was 100% free of anything except making half life. which is not the case.

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It's dead, Jim. Let it rest.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Forget the staff. They don't have the desire

20 people would fine to build the base and only in full production you need the high staf numbers.

Valve has enough employees to work on HL3, they won´t nor will they ever by the look of things but they have the manpower to do it.

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They have enough people to do it, and even if they didn't Gabe is sat on fat stacks of cash so could easily afford to hire a bunch more staff once production gets going.

No i personally think they need to rehire a core team. They brought 1 small studio however they will require a ton load more if they expect to achieve similar accolafes to the OG games.

Every month each Valve-employee puts in 1 hour of work on Half-Life 3.

Well they only have about three people left sooooo....


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The dream is dead. The writers have left.

They may have the team, but without the original writers, it'll only become a shell of it's former self.

I'd rather they work on new games and just leave HL as it is.