Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which console will Team Sonic Racing sell the most on?

I think it'll sell best on...

Switch 61 75.31%
PS4 17 20.99%
Xbox One 3 3.70%

Team Sonic Racing is coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One; on which do you think it will sell the highest, and why?

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Switch. Sonic just seems more closely related to Nintendo.

Switch because Nintendo fans love Kart racers and this being a Kart Racer is a no brainer

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Switch, quite easily.

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Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces both sold more on Switch, I see no reason why Team Sonic Racing wouldn't follow that trend. Maybe it will sell less on Switch than on PS4 because of increased competition thanks to Mario Kart, but I doubt it.

Switch, by a good amount

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Switch > PS4 > XBO

Switch. That's where the kart fans are.

But, i expect a close race with the ps4.

Given how transformed sold on the Wii U, it's a reasonable expection. Though, we must remember that the Wii U version was the superior one at the time (and there was no MK8 yet i believe), but given that the Wii U had a smaller userbase, it's a reasonable expectation.
We'll see.

PS4, a family friendly kart racing game is missing from its games list. It's been hungry for one for quite a while now.