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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee reveal trailer

Also, if this doesn't look like your cup of tea, fear not, there's another "all-new core series Pokemon RPG" coming 2019. This is a spin-off/bridge title.

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It is as feared, tis not the core RPG they were referring to at E3. Ahwell, we know the game we all truely want is coming next year as I initially thought and hoped it would.

They're spin-offs so I'm happy.

I'll probably buy it purely for nostalgia.

I have mixed feelings.

The Good

-Visible Pokemon in the overworld finally after generations of waiting

-Pokeball throwing motion controls

-Co-op functionality

-Battling is still the same turn based goodness we're used to


The Bad

-You no longer have to weaken Pokemon before you catch them. How are they going to make catching Legendaries feel right with this new mechanic?

-The graphics, they're barely an upgrade over Sun and Moon

-The artstyle, the character models look weird, they kind of returned to the chibi style of gen 6 which sucks

-Only the original 151 Pokemon

-No sign of the rumored new Pikachu and Eevee evolutions

Holy cow that looks abysmal. Hell, I want to say the did not show it during E3 in order not underwhelm audiences so much.

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At first I was disappointed but now that we know that this isn't the big switch Pokemon switch game I'm pretty cool with it. It feels like a stop gap before we get a real switch Pokemon but I would prefer a stop gap like this over another remaster

Looks fine, don't know if I'll get it.

Also nice that they announced a core game for 2019.

I have mixed feelings on this. The Pokemon Go elements frighten me, but visible pokemon on the overworld and local co-op are interesting. The graphics are good enough for me and I imagine for everybody else that play the Pokemon games. I don't know, I do think it's a smart idea to have a Switch game that is more like Pokemon Go to potentially attract that crowd to the Switch. It could be a major system seller.

Looks like you're playing Pokemon GO but with the story of R/B/Y. Hard pass.

As a spinoff my reaponse right now is...